JK Rowling’s Book For Adults Has A Name: The Casual Vacancy

YOU GUYYYYYYS! When I was perusing Amazon to see what the Kindle Daily Deal was, I stumbled upon news about JK Rowling’s book for adults! And it was a squeak of joy heard round the world. JK Rowling’s Adult book will be titled The Casual Vacancy! It releases September 27, 2012! AND OMG The Casual […]

Fill Your Kindle: TODAY ONLY DEALS!!!!

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS! Yeah, yeah I get a little caps lock crazy sometimes, but holy eff mother of God, I am psyched. So today’s Kindle Daily Deal is in honor of The Hunger Games movie release. You can get: 5 YA dystopia books for $1.99 Check them out: If you click those widgets […]

Fill Your Kindle: eBook Deals

Good morning friends. This morning I woke up to check the Kindle discount thread and my eyes nearly popped out of my head with the amount of romance books being discounted. And well, you know how I review romance every once in awhile because it’s one of the genres that I’m slowly discovering? Well, I […]

SNEAK LISTEN: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Okay, okay. I am really pushing it with these multiple blog posts, but you guys this is kind of an exciting time for books and I legit cannot wait TO TELL YOU THINGS. Right, so you know how I love audiobooks? You know how I love Lauren Oliver? You know how I LOVED the audiobook […]

Welcome To The Books And Wine Team, Allison L

Y’all, book blogging is a huge, monumental task to take on by yourself. Like many of you, I bust ass to put out rocking content every single day, occasionally taking a weekend day off or a holiday from posting. Sometimes, I’d like that pressure to ease up. And yo, apparently somebody up in the sky […]

‘Papers is all I got Wish I could catch a breeze’: November News

November is SUCH an awesome month. I have 3 days of holiday pay (HOLLA), meals which basically amount to food porn, and a whole week off for vacation! I thought I’d share a few November happenings with you!