Front Lines by Michael Grant | Book Review

Front Lines by Michael Grant was actually a pretty engaging and good read. I am a bit shocked at how quickly I whipped through it. Y’all, this book is like 576 pages. I picked it up off my shelf because I thought it would take me awhile to read and thus give me time to […]

The Perfectionists | The Taking | The Tattooed Heart

Wow, I have read two Sara Shepard books in rather quick succession. Both Shepard books are from different series, yet have a similar sort of feel to them. The Perfectionists is the first of Shepard’s Perfectionists series. Basically this series revolves around teenagers who feel immense pressure to be the best. Of course, there is a murder […]

Messenger Of Fear by Michael Grant | Book Review

I am kind of dreading writing this review, my friends. Here is the thing, I had super high hopes for Messenger Of Fear by Michael Grant. The concept sounded completely awesome — supernatural beings delivering retribution for misdeeds through use of a twisted game.

Gone Michael Grant Book Review

Twitter is SO persuasive when it comes to choosing what book to read. With some prodding from Melina and HD, I picked up Gone by Michael Grant which is the first in a series where everyone over the age of 15 disappears and the kids are left to deal with the fall out. I am on […]

Review of The Magnificent 12: The Call by Michael Grant

I love when middle grade books aren’t patronizing. I love when children are not beat over the head with the fact that they are not adults and cannot possibly comprehend big words. I love it when authors do not talk down/write down in their books for children. The Magnificent 12: The Call by Michael Grant […]