Firebug by Lish McBride | Book Review

Firebug is Lish McBride’s latest book and I am pleased to say that it exceeded my expectations. Essentially this book actually had me laughing out loud several times, not because it was ridiculous, but because it was actually funny as all get out.

Lish McBride Dishes on Music, Friendship AND MORE!

The very best thing about blog tours, as a host, I think, is being able to pick the brains of authors that I really admire. Y’all, I totally LOVE Lish McBride’s books, Hold Me Closer, Necromancer and Necromancing The Stone, so I kind of jumped at the bit to interview her. Plus, BONUS, Macmillan is hooking one of […]

Necromancing The Stone Lish McBride Book Review

Don’t you just LOVE it when a book ends up exceeding your expectations? Y’all, I was pumped up for Necromancing The Stone by Lish McBride, because I had loved Hold Me Closer, Necromancer. But, we all know how inflated expectations work, usually the book ends up disappointing. Not so, this time. If you like your books filled […]

If you have Magic The Gathering players in your life, you already know these characters

Samhain Corvus Lacroix, 19, college dropout, is a fry cook at a fast food joint in Seattle working with his best friend Ramon, cute brook and naive Frank in Lish McBride’s debut Hold Me Closer, Necromancer.