9 Books That Will Give You The Feels

When I am reading a book, my number one requirement is to feel something – whether it is for a romance, excitement for the plot or a sense of place. I need to get some kind of emotion for what I am reading. It is why I love young adult books so much. However, as […]

Siege And Storm | Leigh Bardugo | Book Review

SPOILER ALERT — I am going to be a douche bag and spoil bits of Shadow And Bone. If you haven’t read that yet, get off the internet and get to reading, genius. I have the awful habit of putting off books that I am over the top anticipating until way after they have been published, […]

Shadow And Bone Leigh Bardugo Book Review

Shadow And Bone by Leigh Bardugo is an ace read. I ate Bardugo’s debut up — from the mysterious prologue that shows two refugee orphans being tested for magic to this huge climax of winning and AWESOME towards the end. Y’all high fantasy is totally my thing — as a reader it is ALWAYS my […]