The Spindlers Lauren Oliver Book Review

I am pretty sure Lauren Oliver could re-write the phone book or the dictionary and I would read the hell out of it. Seriously, I am consistently blown away by Oliver’s talent with each book she writes. Y’all, I went into The Spindlers with pretty low expectations because it was panned by some people I actually […]

Pandemonium Lauren Oliver Audiobook Review

There will be spoilers for Delirium, use your brain here and decide if you want to continue reading or not!! Holy intensity in ten cities Batman. You guys, this whole heart clench that I got after listening to the audiobook of Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver has got to be bad for my cardiovascular system. OH […]

Liesl And Po Lauren Oliver Book Review

I’m convinced that as an author Lauren Oliver is one of the best of the best. No matter the genre, she is a powerful storyteller. Liesl And Po, a story Oliver says is very close to her heart, is Oliver’s middle grade debut. It is a magical read in which ghosts play a prominent role and titular character […]

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver Book Review

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver is a stunning story of redemption at a cost, where Samantha Kingston must live the last day of her life over and over again, Groundhog’s Day style, until she gets the sequence right.

So Good, It Merited A Facebook Status

Y’all I’m about to wave around my Lauren Oliver fan club car, because I firmly believe no matter what she writes, I will love it Delirium blew my expectations out of the water