Tuesdays At The Castle Jessica Day George Book Review

Friends, I LOVE it when setting is a character and Tuesdays At The Castle by Jessica Day George just fuels this love. When King and Queen Glower disappear and are considered to be dead, a few opportunists try to shove out Celie and her siblings Lilah and heir Rolf. Celie, however, turns to Castle Glower […]

Bigger Than A Bread Box Laurel Snyder Review

Be careful what you wish for definitely holds true for Rebecca, main character of Bigger Than A Bread Box by Laurel Snyder. Rebecca is uprooted from her Baltimore townhouse by her mother who decides to separate from her dad and live in Atlanta with Grandma. Rebecca doesn’t have an easy go of it as a […]

Juniper Berry MP Kozlowsky Book Review

I very much enjoy when books creep me out and give me goosebumps. Juniper Berry by MP Kozlowsky read in 2011 for the Dewey 24 Hour Readathon accomplished this. Juniper, the titular main character, has celebrity parents.  You’d think her life is baller, but lately her parents have been acting weird, with no time nor thoughts to spare […]

Liesl And Po Lauren Oliver Book Review

I’m convinced that as an author Lauren Oliver is one of the best of the best. No matter the genre, she is a powerful storyteller. Liesl And Po, a story Oliver says is very close to her heart, is Oliver’s middle grade debut. It is a magical read in which ghosts play a prominent role and titular character […]

Icefall Matthew Kirby Book Review

Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby is one of those books that upon closing I said out loud to the empty room ‘that was a really good book’ because I just have to vocalize my feelings sometimes to make them real. With Vikings, fjords, betrayals and middle child syndrome, Icefall is pretty much a book that hits my […]

The Ogre Of Oglefort Eva Ibbotson Book Review

Yay! Friends, I finally read my first Eva Ibbotson and I feel I can finally join the club as I’m no longer the only person who hasn’t read Ibbotson. I felt pretty much the same way after I read my first Diana Wynne Jones book. Y’all ogres are awesome. I learned this after watching Shrek […]