The Outside | Laura Bickle | Book Review

Note: Spoilers will be posted in this review. However, if you’ve read the official summary you’ve already been spoiled. The other day I took The Outside by Laura Bickle to work with me to read during my lunch break. As I work with a friendly, inquisitive bunch of people I kept getting questions about what I […]

Allison: The Hallowed Ones | Laura Bickle | Book Review

Strange things are happening in the outside world. It all happens one day when Katie and her friend Elijah are spending time together thinking about their upcoming Rumspringa when a helicopter crashes into the field right in front of them. They rush to the scene to determine if there are any survivors but before Katie […]

The Hallowed Ones Laura Bickle Book Review

The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle is an excellent story featuring the vampires of yore, the scary suck all your blood kind.