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Finally! A quiet weekend! Well, I got my hair done but otherwise, quiet which I really, really appreciate.   For Review: Isla And The Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins (Accepted Review Copy) – BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Check out my reaction to the first five chapters in the sneak peek here. A Million […]

Stacking The Shelves (66) | Book Haul | BIRTHDAY TODAY!

HELLO INTERNETS, today is my birthday and I am soooo old but hey at least I got some books this week right? So, I am drinking my coffee and putting off doing my hair and makeup before going to the local casino because I am SO insistent that this post be up today seeing as […]

Stacking The Shelves (65) | Book Haul

I am looking forward to the day when I write a little intro and can say, wow, last week was boring and quiet. Alas, that is not the case. There was a lot of leaving the house, a lot of not very optional things that I absolutely cannot delve into on here. As for bookish […]

Stacking The Shelves (62) & (63) | Book Haul

Friends, this is a two for one book haul post! You see, this post contains what should have been my book haul last weekend and my book haul for THIS weekend. Both are equally totally awesome. One is way shorter than the other, though. The week before last, was a week of few books and […]

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I hate when I get a holiday off and expect to spend the whole day reading but instead end up fiddling with my blog layout and CSS all damn day. You guys. If my computer wasn’t so expensive — at least what I consider expensive (I had to save for a long time), I would […]

In My Mailbox (97) | Stacking The Shelves (18)

Is it just me or did last week seem to take FOREVER to get to the weekend? Seriously it felt like it just dragged and dragged. On the upside, it is a 3 day weekend and totally needed. ALSO! I re-upped my Hulu subscription and Tony and I basically watched almost all of season 5 […]