Float Plan by Trish Doller | Book Review

I am obsessed with Trish Doller’s books. Her writing has spanned essentially the whole of my time blogging, so I feel a fondness for them – starting with Something Like Normal going all the way to Start Here and now her adult debut Float Plan. And you know what? I will gladly look forward to all of her […]

Christmas In London by Anita Hughes | Book Review

What Did I Think Of Christmas In London by Anita Hughes? When I think of the books I’ve read by Anita Hughes (three this year, FYI) one word comes straight to mind: escapism. Christmas In London is another escapist romp from Hughes and really has me wishing I was in a different income bracket. The experiences […]

Christmas At The Chalet by Anita Hughes | Book Review

I find that I am really enjoying Anita Hughes’s books. Christmas At The Chalet is the third book I’ve read by Hughes. While it won’t make my top favorite books of all time list or top favorite books about Christmas list, it did scratch a small itch for me. It is quite a glamourous sort of […]

Hope At Christmas by Nancy Naigle | Audiobook Review

What Did I Think Of Hope At Christmas by Nancy Naigle? I really genuinely enjoyed Hope At Christmas by Nancy Naigle. It’s my second holiday themed book by Naigle and the experience of this book was plenty satisfying. This story hits some really great notes for me, which I guess lead to some outsized expectations for […]

Dear Santa by Nancy Naigle | Book Review

Dear Santa by Nancy Naigle is a book that I started kind of randomly. I somehow picked this book to read via my Kindle app out of all the other Christmas books on that app. It remained mostly a background book while I was in the process of reading it. By that I mean, a […]

7 Women’s Fiction Books To Unwind With

Women’s fiction gets a bad rap. I think maybe because of the name people get turned off. Personally, I love women’s fiction. I enjoy reading about things women my own age go through. The books discussed below definitely reflect that. I think it’s okay to be a proud reader of books aimed at women, at […]