Etherworld | The Marvels | Wicked Games | Mini Reviews

Today’s grouping of mini-reviews sort of feels like I am breaking with pattern. These three books are all vastly different. Usually I seem to review all audiobooks or all young adult or all adult fiction, etc. Today we’re going with a young adult sci-fi audiobook, a middle grade book, and a contemporary young adult audiobook. […]

The Fourth Wish by Lindsay Ribar | Book Review

Ribar’s sequel, The Fourth Wish is a charming conclusion to the duology and one that leaves me quite satisfied with the ending. Let’s just say that there are no cliffhangers, thank goodness. It’s a real and legitimate ending.

The Art Of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar | Book Review

I really like the different places that young adult fantasy books take me. I especially like when young adult fantasy books take on less common mythical creatures and tread some paths that I have not really read before. The Art Of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar is a book that has been on my TBR pile for […]

Just One Night by Gayle Forman | Novella Review

Why Did I Read This? When you hear the announcement that Gayle Forman is writing something, you immediately put the preorder in because GAYLE FORMAN IS EVERYTHING. But seriously, I found myself head over heels for Just One Day and Just One Year and I will admit that I was happy with how the duology ended. I was […]

Review: Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

I would totally buy a ticket to Tiny Cooper: The Musical. That’s how fantastical Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan is. My copy has every ten pages dog-eared because of the awesome quotes. This book was totally worth cutting off an old lady to purchase the LAST copy at the Penguin […]

Review: The Jumbee by Pamela Keyes

A jumbee is not a type of drink you can buy at Jamba Juice, as I had assumed. In actuality, a jumbee is a type of ghost or phantom that haunts a Caribbean island. Sometimes the jumbees are good, in which case they are called moko jumbee but must of the time they are bad […]