E. Lockhart, A Totally Awesome Author OR Why You Should Never Wait Months After A Signing To Write About It

Friends, compadres, amigos, I went to a super awesome signing at Oblong Books way back in February. I did cool things like took a video of it, and bought extra books to give away. I also kind of sort of never got around to posting about the signing. BOO on me, I suppose. SO way […]

Of Sheep Festivals And Signings: Or How I Made It To Jennifer Donnelly’s Launch Party

Saturday afternoon, I prepped the GPS, picked up my friend and set out to a part of NY that I rarely frequent. Our journey there was safe, and quick for the most part. UNTIL we arrived in Rhinebeck. Upon getting there we saw a long line of cars and backed up traffic. It turns out […]

Recap of Suzanne Young Book Signing

Those of you who loyally follow on twitter know I went to Suzanne Young’s author of ┬áThe Naughty List signing in the New Hartford Barnes & Noble on Saturday. It was totally a ‘strawberry smoothie’ experience. I went with my sister and we totally had a fantastic time, aside from the GPS taking us somewhere […]