The Immortal Heights by Sherry Thomas | Book Review

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The Immortal Heights by Sherry Thomas | Book ReviewThe Immortal Heights by Sherry Thomas
Series: The Elemental Trilogy #3
Also in this series: The Perilous Sea
Also by this author: The Perilous Sea, The Kennedy Debutante
Published by HarperCollins on October 13th 2015
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy & Magic, Love & Romance, Action & Adventure, General
Pages: 448
Format: ARC, eARC
Source: Publisher
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Iolanthe and Titus's mission comes to its thrilling end in the third book in the Elemental Trilogy—perfect for fans of Cinda Williams Chima and Kristin Cashore—which Publishers Weekly called "a wonderfully satisfying magical saga" in a starred review and Kirkus Reviews said "bids fair to be the next big epic fantasy success."
In a pursuit that spans continents, Iolanthe, Titus, and their friends have always managed to remain one step ahead of the forces of Atlantis. But now the Bane, the monstrous tyrant who bestrides the entire mage world, has issued his ultimatum: Titus must hand over Iolanthe, or watch as his entire realm is destroyed in a deadly rampage. Running out of time and options, Iolanthe and Titus decide to act now and deliver a final blow to the Bane that will end his reign of terror for good. 
But getting to the Bane means accomplishing the impossible: finding a way to infiltrate his crypt in the deepest recesses of the most ferociously guarded fortress in Atlantis. And everything is only made more difficult when new prophecies come to light, foretelling a doomed effort. . . .
Iolanthe and Titus will put their love and their lives on the line. But will it be enough? 

I swear 2015 is my year of finishing trilogies – especially trilogies that I’ve read due to blogging (Chaos Walking, y’all). I have just finished the last word on the last page of Sherry Thomas’s Elemental Trilogy and WOW WHAT A READ. To the point where I am talking in all caps because I do that when I get excited and pumped up over a book. I loved how Thomas wrapped up the series and essentially answered all of the questions that were on the tip of my tongue while reading. I loved that there are gay people in this book and people of color in prominent roles in The Immortal Heights. I loved pretty much everything about this book, it hit all of the things I look for in a book, and more importantly in a series closer.

Of course as you all know, in a review of a book that is third in a series, there may be spoilers of The Burning Sky and The Perilous Sea. Sherry Thomas’s The Immortal Heights opens up with a bit of action. There’s one page about a boy falling and his heart stopping and a girl screaming NO. Then chapter one begins, Iolanthe, Titus and Kashkari are fighting with the rebels against Atlantis in a bell jar dome. The battle is really quite fierce. The group meets up with Amara, the girl that Kashkari loves, but who happens to be married to his brother. From there, it is the group using strategy to  find the Bane and destroy him. It is Titus and Iolanthe coming to terms with Titus’s death. It is the group holding onto to hope as they ride into battle one last time. This book reveals all and gives us one hell of an ending to one hell of a trilogy — I mean this in the most positive connotation, of course.

You know how you sometimes read these epic fantasy books about characters going into battle and they soldier on bravely and are not even scared? With The Elemental Trilogy, main character Iolanthe Seabourne is scared of her chosen one fate and she does express that. Straight up, I admire that, because let’s be real, facing great evil is indeed scary – especially when that evil wants to sacrifice you so that he can live longer. Of course, Iolanthe faces her fear and bravely decides that she needs to save the world from the tyranny of the Bane, even if it costs her life. It is so noble. Still, what I liked about Iolanthe is that she still has hope that she can come out of this alive – that maybe one day she can study at the Conservatory. Beyond her aspirations, I thought that the way Sherry Thomas wrote Iolanthe’s feelings and thoughts made her seem down to earth and relatable — I would likely feel the same if I was in her situation, just saying.

Titus is the other side of the coin from Iolanthe. He has made peace with the fact that he will die – there’s no way to prevent it and his mother foresaw it. He’s know since he was a pre-teen. So, rather than rail against fate, Titus knows that he has a duty to do as Prince of the Domain. Titus must do whatever it takes to help Iolanthe defeat the Bane, even if that means giving his life. And so, I read this almost as a doomed romance. But, you know, I am human and so I was hopeful during The Immortal Heights. And let me tell you guys, this book made me like Titus even more. I can absolutely respect someone who instead of fighting their fate when the world hangs in the balance, goes along with it willingly because it will save people. It is noble and heroic. I love when characters are able to exemplify that. Although – I am going to admit that I was on pins and needles in regards to Titus for this book because the other two books make a huge deal of him being foretold to die. I won’t tell you whether he dies or not, just know that he receives some revelations about his father and his family and it is amazing how everything comes together.

I would be remiss in my duties as a book blogger if I did not discuss Kashkari and Amara. The two are both non-white characters and play this HUGE role. You guys, I quite honestly love Kashkari’s character – especially because when we first meet him, we assume he’s a non-mage and just a regular human. Only, nope, he’s part of the Rebels and a whole other realm we didn’t know about. Kashkari is awesome. He’s determined and focused on the job he must do when it comes to stopping the Bane. He also works side by side with Amara, despite loving her, and despite her being engaged to his brother. Amara is awesome too. I know, I know I lack creativity in discussing these characters. But I will always love a revolutionary – especially one as kickass and brave as Amara. She’s beautiful and strong and tenacious. I could not help but love her character – and this is the book where she is truly fleshed out. What Sherry Thomas does with the side characters of The Immortal Heights is nothing short of fantastic. I think I almost loved these two more than Iolanthe and Titus, almost.

The Immortal Heights is a solid conclusion to the Elemental Trilogy. Just as Iolanthe is an Elemental Mage for the ages, so too, is this conclusion. It’s an excellent young adult fantasy book. For real, if you are lost after finishing The Girl Of Fire And Thorns books or those Sarah J. Maas books, pick this series up. It will fill the void with A+ world building, heartfelt characters, and action on action on action.

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. Ok I totally skimmed because I just started The Perilous Sea (LOVED The Burning Sky when I read it last year) but I’m so glad to know that this lives up to the first two! It’s always disappointing when the last book in a trilogy lets you down and this sounds amazing! I’m glad you liked it, I’ll have to come back and read your review properly once I have the book 🙂