5 Historical Fiction Audiobooks You Need To Listen To

If you know anything about me, the one thing you probably know is that I LOVE audiobooks. And so, I am listening to them constantly. Thanks to Hoopla, Overdrive, Libby and my library’s amazing ILL system, I always have an audiobook going (FOR FREE thank you taxes, you’re the real one). If you’re new to […]

The Immortal Heights by Sherry Thomas | Book Review

I swear 2015 is my year of finishing trilogies – especially trilogies that I’ve read due to blogging (Chaos Walking, y’all). I have just finished the last word on the last page of Sherry Thomas’s Elemental Trilogy and WOW WHAT A READ. To the point where I am talking in all caps because I do […]

The Perilous Sea by Sherry Thomas | Book Review

If you are a fan of young adult fantasy and have not read┬áThe Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas yet, I urge you to run, not walk, to your nearest bookstore or better yet purchase a copy for your ereader and get reading.┬áThe Perilous Sea is the second in Thomas’s Elemental Trilogy and demands to be […]

The Burning Sky | Sherry Thomas | Book Review

When I saw the original cover for The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas, my initial reaction was DO NOT WANT. I guess the cover made me think science fiction dystopia, which I get kind of tired of. Then, the reviews or at least the tweets started rolling in. In particular, Reading Teen was tweeting about […]