The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To This Audiobook?

First, you need to stop reading this review and get started with The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater if you have not already read it (I suggest going for it on audiobook). I picked up The Dream Thieves which is the next book in the Raven Cycle on audible because I had recently listened to The Raven Boys and was at a loss for what to listen to next and I knew that I had the book on my shelves and that this would be a much faster way to get to it. Also, I loved the previous audiobook, so I knew that this would be a good listen. AND! Blue Lily, Lily Blue is coming out in October which is soon and I am determined to read this whole series via audio.

What’s The Story Here?

The Dream Thieves picks up where The Raven Boys leaves off. The ley lines have been woken up, which totally changes things for the Raven Boys — for Gansey, Adam, Ronan, and of course, Blue, who is not a boy. The focus point of The Dream Thieves is RONAN who is my utter favorite. I mean, we still have a lot of Gansey who is still looking for Glendower. Anyways, in this book there’s a man who has been paid to kill one of the Raven Boys. He’s called the Grey Man. We learn way more about Ronan’s situation. We get up close and intimate with Ronan’s dreams and his ability to pull things out of his dreams. We also get some romance — still no kissing though, because of the prophecy about Blue’s kiss killing her true lover. Well, actually, that’s false there is one instance of kissing. Anyways, okay so Ronan kind of falls in with a bad crowd-ish because there’s totally this bad apple named Kavincsky and the whole time I am all NO NO LEAVE RONAN ALONE HASN’T HE SUFFERED ENOUGH. Oh and Adam is dealing with the fall out of making that bargain at Cabeswater. And Gansey’s mom is running for Congress. Also, the ending is totally nuts. AND I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT BOOK, as totally expected.

Who Is My Favorite Raven Boy In This Book?

My favorite is still Ronan, far and away. He’s just so angsty and now we know all the reasons for it. Well, maybe not angst but angry and I love it. I love that we get this big huge reveal about his character that shocked the hell out of me, where my jaw just dropped. But it totally endears Ronan even more. He messes up a lot — which is something I can relate to — and he has these awful nightmares — which is something I cannot relate to — but at least Ronan makes an effort to fix things. I don’t know, I just have this thing for prickly characters and so, Ronan is still my favorite.

Adam comes in a close second though — he just –he has this whole pathos thing going on because his life has sucked for the longest time. He won’t accept hand outs. He busts his ass for everything in his life and I can just totally relate to that. But, still, I just like Ronan the most.

What Are My Emotions Now That I Am Finished?

I feel like I am jonesing for a fix and like I need Blue Lily, Lily Blue right this very second. I loved The Dream Thieves even more than The Raven Boys. It is likely that this is because Ronan is my favorite character and this story was centered on him. I did feel like I could have done with more Blue, come to think of it. I am just at a loss for what to listen to next because this book totally consumed me.

How’s The Narration?

Like Beyonce, Will Patton is flawless and I am sure his narration woke up flawless. Seriously, he is totally fantastic and as long as he keeps narrating this series, I will keep purchasing the audiobook version.

Sum It Up With A GIF:

Pretty much my dream audiobook. Also, whenever I think of dreams, clearly the song Sweet Dreams pops into my head.

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed The Dream Thieves! I loved it so, mostly because I just really love Ronan a whole lot as a character. Since the book focuses heavily on him, it was definitely a treat (even though I was definitely not pleased by all the things the poor boy went through). Plus, it was great to revisit the gang and to learn more about what’s going on.
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  2. I think I’m going to join that Raven Cycle re-readathon I saw on twitter because I NEED to reread these books before Blue Lily, Lily Blue! Esp The Dream Thieves, I loved it. So intricate, and heartbreaking, and amazing, and wonderful for so many quirky reasons. THE KISS. My hearttt. It’s hard to pick a favorite character for me but I do love Ronan. And I’m a HUGE fan of backstory and learning reasons why a character is the way he is. Plus ahhhhhh it’s tragic and crazy and just. Love. I remember adoring the first chapter about secrets but I don’t remember the end… will have to go home and find it! Loved your review. Makes me want to try the audiobooks; not a huge fan of that format in general but you’re selling me on these 🙂


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