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Not a whole heck of a lot to report or talk to you guys about this week, I am just eagerly awaiting Thanksgiving and a couple days off – so much so that I am kind of counting down. Aside from that it’s been a lot of work related and family related things and a few days of cuddling with my blanket and a book. OH and this is super exciting – my sister Cassie has joined the Books And Wine team, so be sure to give her a warm welcome. Okay, now onto the BOOKS!

For Review:

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Tin Star by Cecil Castellucci (Requested Review Copy) – I’ve actually already read and reviewed this book. I didn’t love it, but you will see that for yourself in January when the review goes live.
Stay Where You Are And Then Leave by John Boyne (Requested Review Copy) – This book is about a little boy whose father has shell shock as a result of fighting in World War One. It sounded poignant so I requested it.
She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick (Requested Review Copy) – Sedgwick is the best, so I can’t not request a book by him when it is offered. Can’t do it. Sorry.

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Loud Awake And Lost by Adele Griffin (Amazon Vine) – I picked this because I loved Tighter and want to check out more of Griffin’s work. Also, it sounds really good.
Hero by Alethea Kontis (Amazon Vine) – Oh snap, a companion novel to Enchanted? I am DOWN.
The Republic Of Thieves by Scott Lynch (Amazon Vine) – Allison at The Allure of Books is ALWAYS pushing this series on me, now I am REQUIRED to read it. Huzzah!

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Warriors: The Ultimate Guide by Erin Hunter (Unsolicited Review Copy) – I think I may pass this on to Cassie, seeing as she’s a crazy cat lady and all.
Under Wildwood by Colin Meloy and illustrated by Carson Ellis (Unsolicited Review Copy) – How have I not read this yet? ARGHHH.
The School For Good And Evil by Soman Chainani (Unsolicited Review Copy) – I LOVE THIS BOOK. And am happy it showed up.
Stick Dog Wants A Hot Dog by Tom Watson (Unsolicited Review Copy) – What is this I don’t even know, except it looks like a Wimpy Kid book but with dogs. I am down for this during a readathon.
Fortunately, The Milk by Neil Gaiman (Unsolicited Review Copy) – HUGS. You will pry this from my cold dead hands.
The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver (Unsolicited Review Copy) – I LOVE THIS BOOK TOO, even if Mirabella creeps SOME people out.
Deck The Halls We’re Off The Walls by Dan Gutman (Unsolicited Review Copy) – Oh snap, I need a few more books to fill up Holiday-themed reading for December, so yay!

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The Monster In The Mudball by SP Gates (Unsolicited Review Copy) – This looks like a fun middle grade book!
Killer Of Enemies by Joseph Bruchac (Unsolicited Review Copy) – I am pumped to read this book, it looks badass. Also, I’ve heard good things about the author.
Prodigal Son by Debra Mullins (Unsolicited Review Copy) – Hmmm, this book has a half naked person on the cover. Hmmm.
Bloodstone by Gillian Philip (Unsolicited Review Copy) – This is a sequel to a book I have not read yet. Soon though, I hope.
Esrever Doom by Piers Anthony (Unsolicited Review Copy) – These books always have weird covers.

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Arcadia Falls by Kai Meyer (Unsolicited Review Copy) – Now that I have the full trilogy I am thinking I may need to make reading it a new priority.
The Lure by Lynne Ewing (Unsolicited Review Copy) – This book has such a cool cover. I am excited to read it.
Into The Still Blue by Veronica Rossi (Unsolicited Review Copy) – ALL OF THE EXCITEMENT, but first I need to read book 2.
All That Glows by Ryan Graudin (Unsolicited Review Copy) – This has fairies, blahh, but a gorgeous cover, yayyyy.
Teen Spirit by Francesca Lia Block (Unsolicited Review Copy) – Ahhhh, love love love FLB.
Split Second by Kasie West (Unsolicited Review Copy) – Apparently this book is a huge deal? I need to read Pivot Point, I guess.

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The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins (Unsolicited Review Copy) – I’ve read this already and quite enjoyed it.
Foreplay by Sophie Jordan (Unsolicited Review Copy) – New Adult sexytimes, whoop whoop.
Enders by Lissa Price (Unsolicited Review Copy) – OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU RANDOM HOUSE. Now I am going to lock myself away probably this week and read it.
Learning Not To Drown by Anna Shinoda (Unsolicited Review Copy) – I don’t even know what this is about but it sounds so cool.
Killer Instinct by SE Green (Unsolicited Review Copy) – More like, killer cover, am I right?
Afterparty by Ann Redisch Stampler (Unsolicited Review Copy) – I love this cover and this book sounds intense and fantastic.

From Netgalley and Edelweiss: Note, I am feeling lazy at this point, SO just a list with links to goodreads.
The Third Lie’s The Charm by Lisa And Laura Roecker
Racing Savannah by Miranda Kenneally
Dangerous by Shannon Hale
Talker 25 by Joshua McCune
Exile by Kevin Emerson
The Thickety: A Path Begins by JA White
The Taking by Kimberly Derting
Tease by Amanda Maciel
Life By Committee by Corey Ann Haydu
Prisoner Of Night And Fog by Anne Blankman
The Luck Uglies by Paul Durham
The Dyerville Tales by MP Kozlowsky

Third Lie's the Charm (The Liar Society, #3)Racing SavannahDangerousTALKER 25 (TALKER 25, #1)ExileThe Thickety: A Path BeginsThe Taking (The Taking, #1)TeaseLife by CommitteePrisoner of Night and FogThe Luck UgliesThe Dyerville Tales


Have you read any of these books? Are any on your wish list? Let me know in the comments!

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.
About April (Books&Wine)

April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. Nice haul. How do you find time to read all those books. I really liked Prodigal Son a lot. It was good. I hope you love it. Come visit me as well.


  2. As a 4th grade teacher, I’m uber jealous of all the middle grades/kid’s books that you get. I go broke keeping my classroom reading library stocked with new interesting books.

  3. Is this a one week haul? Because holy shit! I downloaded all the same Harper titles you did. Twinsies! I think we are the only two that nabbed The Thickety. But doesn’t that sound awesome?? And I am a HUGE middle grade fan. I wish I could read it right this second!

  4. I’ve seen a lot of buzz about that Sophie Jordan one this week and The Perfect Match looks super cute. 🙂

  5. Holy moly there are a TON of great books here! WOW! Happy reading all of these.

  6. OMGGG Such an awesome review haul you have! I hope you enjoy all of them you lucky thing! Can’t wait to hear what your thoughts are on Enders, Foreplay and After Party.

  7. Wow, I’m not really sure where to begin, you have so many amazing books on here! So many books on here I am dying to read. I have also heard that Split Second is a big deal, but like you, I still haven’t gotten around to reading Pivot Point yet! I hope you enjoy all your reads. My STS.

  8. Great haul. Happy reading 🙂

    My Stack

  9. Omg so many amazing books this week! Into the Still Blue!?!?! Great haul. I hope you enjoy everything.
    -Melissa @ Harley Bear Book Blog

  10. Several of the books in your pile enjoy a spot on my to read list. I had no idea about the new FLB book. Must definitely check it out. Enjoy the books!

  11. Under Wildwood
    All That Glows

    both of those sound amazing.

    How is it you receive so many books?

    Great haul

    Happy Reading
    Books Buying Beauty

  12. so many lovely books, great haul.
    Hope you can visit my Stacking the Shelves

  13. Ha, I had a haul that was just Stay Where You Are & Then Leave and She Is Not Invisible. I hope they are awesome. I thought about requesting Tin Star, but I was afraid I might not like it, and if you didn’t love it, then I’m okay with having passed.

    How did I not know about a new Adele Griffin book? Random House, why you no market?

    Will be curious to see what you think of Under Wildwood, because I’m not really a fan of the series, sadly.

    Oh, and Fortunately, the Milk is fantastic.


    Ha, I got Bloodstone too. I’ll give it a try even though the first wasn’t really my kind of fantasy, but sigh.

    OMG INTO THE STILL BLUE AND SPLIT SECOND. *tamps down jealousy, especially since I still need to read book two of Rossi’s too*


  14. I love your version of The Republic of Thieves. I may have to find that version for myself 🙂 Happy reading!

  15. So this is slightly off topic, but I see that you have some Amazon Vine books, and I was wondering if you’ve ever done a post explaining the ins and outs of Amazon Vine. I’ve read Amazon’s help page on it and have a general inkling of how you get invited perhaps, but I’d be curious to hear how it works and what you think got you invited?

  16. Wow, I want access to your bookcase. A lot. I just wanted to say that I’m so pleased Afterparty was part of your haul! Happy reading!