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If you are reading this, I’m sure you are wondering, “Who is Cassie and why is she posting on Good Books and Good Wine?”


I will start with the first question, I am actually April’s younger sister. Now that that’s out of the way, I’m 22 years old and I work full time in marketing for an engineering firm. I graduated college this past May with a BS in Communications and minors in Computer Art and Public Relations. In my free time I like to play video games, read books, spend time with my boyfriend, and watch Netflix cuddled up with my cat, Callie.

Why am I posting on my sister’s blog? Well, the simple answer is that I’m looking to start new hobbies. I’ve worked multiple jobs throughout high school and college, which led to me having very limited free time. While my friends were out having fun, I was spending time stocking shelves at Lowe’s or setting up for programs in the student union. Overworking myself took its toll on me, but I welcomed the busy lifestyle. Upon graduating in May, I now only work 8pm-5pm Monday through Friday. For the first time in at least seven years, I have nights and weekends completely free. I have so much free time, I don’t know what to do with myself. I mean, you can only spend so many nights on the couch with your cat before you start to believe you are the crazy cat lady at age 22.

Now, I am trying new activities and hobbies to find out what I really enjoy doing. Through many hours of teaching from my boyfriend and several Pinterest links from April, I’ve started to learn to cook. I also completed a 6 week session of Hatha Yoga and recently started another 6 week session of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. I’ve enjoyed learning the art and getting into shape. However, yoga only takes up one night of my week. Upon conversations with April, I mentioned my interest in possibly starting my own blog. Without hesitation, she offered me a spot on Good Books and Good Wine, for which I am very grateful.

I quickly accepted her offer and here I am writing my very own introductory post. April has also given me free reigns to write about whatever I feel like. I plan to discuss anything and everything ranging from movies to video games (and of course books). I will leave you with a picture of Callie.



Okay, maybe I am a crazy cat lady…

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Cassie is a 24 year old working full-time in the marketing industry. In her spare time she likes to play video games, read books, exercise, and cuddle with her cat.

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Cassie is a 24 year old working full-time in the marketing industry. In her spare time she likes to play video games, read books, exercise, and cuddle with her cat.


  1. I have actually discussed this with my friends and you’re good if you just have one cat-you only enter crazy cat lady when you exceed the one person : three cats ratio. Welcome Cassie!

  2. Welcome, Cassie! No shame in being the cat lady! Callie is adorable. Looking forward to your posts, especially about movies. All the best!

    • Thank you! My coworker introduced me to her family as the crazy cat lady at the office. I’ve come to embrace the crazy! Thanks! I look forward to reviewing them!

  3. From one fellow cat lady to another, welcome! I’m so excited to see another blogger join the Good Books & Good Wine team and I can’t wait to see more from you 😀

  4. Oh!! that’s nice!! It will be nice to read your posts.

  5. Welcome!! I haven’t visited your sisters blog in weeks and I come back and there’s a new member 🙂 btw, I think we met at a book signing a while back.

    Cats are awesome. I’m a cat person so have no shame! And yay video games! They are awesome too.

    • Thank you! I think I remember that, was it at an Oblong Books signing? I’ve been to a few of those signings with her.

      Yes they are and too funny also. I was doing a work out in my bedroom after work and Callie was sitting on a shelf in my desk staring me down the whole time. Cats find the strangest places to plop down.

      I do love video games! Hopefully some other readers enjoy them too! What are your favorites?

      • Oh man, I can’t even remember what the book store was called. It’s down close to Philly Pa. It was the Breathless Reads tour. I remember April was making fun of all the walls along side the Pa turnpike. lol

        We have a cat, Luna. She pukes a lot. I swear she’s selectively bulimic. But she’s the sweetest cat, and she is great with my daughter. She will let that kid do just about anything to her.

        Hmmm Video games. I haven’t played much console games since we got an Xbox. I used to be really into the Final Fanstasy Games. Final Fantasy 8 was my favorite even though 7 seems to be the one most people like the most. Now I mostly play the Sims 3 for my PC. Not conventionally though, I do play through the families, but for the most part I get into the video making with it. 🙂 It’s fun!

        What games do you play?

        • OH! I remember now. The Breathless Tour I think it was called. I remember her freaking out about those walls too haha. We don’t see those much in NY. I would like to go to another signing down there, it was a fun trip!

          Aw, that is too cute! Not the puking part, but that she lets your daughter play with her. We had a cat growing up that I once drew on with sharpy! I was probably 8 at the time. I don’t think it ever came off his nose!

          Oh, if you have an xbox, have you checked out Final Fantasy 13? I’m about halfway through right now and loving it. I never played any of the early Final Fantasies though and I’m told by my boyfriend that they are much better. I would also recommend the Fable series. Fable II was the game that really pushed me to buy an xbox. It is kind of like Skyrim for the casual gamer. You can play as a male or female and complete side or main quests. You can also do a lot of customization. Buying new clothes, property, hair styles, weapons, spells etc. is really easy and fun! You can also find a random villager and get married to them! Best of all, you have an awesome dog as our sidekick! Not to mention, it has a great storyline. Oh wow, that is like a mini review right there hah!

          I enjoy the Sims 3 also! I used to play a bit at college with my roommates. We had little Sims parties on nights that we decided to stay in, it was nice! I really like making the families and just progressing their lives. I tend to lose interest in one family and move onto another really quickly. I haven’t played in months but now that you mentioned it, I’m very tempted!

          For games I play, it is a long list! I started playing games when I was in middle school but I was very casual about it. Lots of Harvest Moon and Mario games. I also played a lot of Animal Crossing. I actually just got the new one for the 3DS – I’m thinking about reviewing that on here at some point.

          Once I got to college, I became friends with a group of guys that were really into video games. I learned about Fable when I came home after a night out and one friend let me play it on his xbox to sober up. After that, I’ve been shown many games. I’m currently playing Final Fantasy 13, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Read Dead Redemption, and Skyrim. I better stop now because I could just go on and on about video games, haha!

          • Haha!! yes and didn’t you guys get lost and pull into an abandoned shopping center. I seem to remember you guys being scared for your lives. lol.

            Oh my gosh, thank goodness Aubrey hasn’t went at her with a sharpie yet, though she’s a tabby so I probably wouldn’t notice if she did.

            I haven’t checked out FF13 yet. I suck. lol. The last one I really played was FF10-2 and that was before we got our Xbox. My Brother plays it though. Or maybe it’s 14? is that out. I think there is a recent one that’s he’s been all squirelly about. Your boyfriend is right, though I haven’t played the new ones, the older ones were classics. I was raising Chocobo’s like a boss back in my teens. lol We have the Bio shocks for Xbox, and we did try the Fable games. But Sims always won out when it came to what I wanted to play. Plus my child is a Tv hog. But santa is getting her one for her room this years so I’m hoping to get more into playing on there again. We got her the Kinnect for Christmas 2 years ago but she was afraid of it. She’s 5 now though so we really should drag it back out.

            That is so awesome that you used to have Sim parties in College. I do that with my husband. (we are boring lol) He actually prefers Sim City, but the new one kinda sucks ass compared to the old ones. We got it when it came out in March, but it took weeks for Brian to even be able to log on. And then the city sizes aren’t all that big he was saying. I can’t get into that one. I like the regular Sims. I could spend hours dressing them up and changing their hair. It’s always a battle though, do I want to read or do I want to play Sims. That’s how I ended up making the sim book trailers. I couldn’t stop myself from making my sims into the characters. I am the same way with playing the families. I quickly get bored and move on. I have dozens of families started, then I stop and make more. Building houses is fun too! I work in a building supplies company, so I actually have a folder full of house blue prints I use for my sim building. I know, that’s probably taking my obsession a little too far. lol

            You can talk about video games all you want!! I can’t wait to see some game reviews from you. Gamers Rule 🙂

  6. Welcome to blogging Cassie! I’m glad that you’ve joined the Good Books & Good Wine team, and I can’t wait to see even more posts from you.

    • You are at the exact same stage in life that I am – I just graduated in May & other than working full-time I find myself bored to death. I have also been looking for hobbies, & reading has been a big one, hence how I ended up following this blog. Keep us posted on what hobbies you find! As for me, other than reading, I got a gym pass, I go for bike rides, & I sample every food truck none to man in Austin, TX since I moved here 3 months ago. Pretty good balance, at least I think so 😉

      • Oh wow, that’s awesome. It’s nice to find someone else in the same situation! Part of the problem is that I moved to a new city and only have one or two friends here. I definitely will let you know! I started doing Blogilates which is nice! I feel good about myself after doing a workout. Since I have a decent amount of computer art background, I’ve been thinking about doing some art pieces to give to family and friends for the holidays. That could definitely eat into my time.

        Biking is a good idea! I wish I could do that but I love in New York so it is quite chilly nowadays. How are the food trucks? I’ve only been to a few in NYC and they were always tasty!

    • Thank you so much!

  7. Welcome to GB&GW! I look forward to seeing your contributing posts! Wow, you must manage your time well if you worked so much in the past. I can’t even imagine doing all of that!

    • Thank you! It was definitely a struggle through my senior year, but I made it through! It was worth it in the end because I had a secured job before I even graduated. I also really enjoyed the people I worked with so that helped a lot. My only regret is that I didn’t focus as much as I should have on my school work and my grades definitely suffered from that. It all works out in the end though!

    You are my people.

    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got to offer the blogosphere!

  9. Absolutely no shame in crazy cat ladyness! I am 23 now and embrace it whole-heartedly. Welcome! So excited to see your posts on Good Books and Good Wine 🙂


    Obviously I might have had a peppermint mocha while in Albany and then come home and drank a Magic Hat.

    I am feeling so many things right now.


    Also, on Thanksgiving you should stop by before the dinner and I can give you some books.


    • Lol! Sorry I was super busy this weekend and didn’t get a chance to respond.

      You are crazy! :p I really want some Starbucks now…

      Alrighty, I could probably do that! I want to borrow Game of Thrones please!!

  11. Welcome aboard, Cassie! I look forward to your posts. I love that you are into Yoga, as am I. So please feel free to post about that anytime.


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