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Yeah, so In My Mailbox is a meme that I personally get enjoyment out of doing and I am stuck in my ways, I know I know. So yeah, it’s hosted by The Story Siren and basically you gab on about the books that you obtained during the week.

Super Tall IMM Stack

Super Tall IMM Stack


Stuck In Neutral by Terry Trueman – A few weeks ago I got the sequel Life Happens Next in the mail and well since Stuck In Neutral is wicked short (114 pages HOLLA) and a Printz Honor book, I thought why not borrow this from my wonderful library.

Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot – OMG okay, so I got book four in this series in my mail last week and I am determined to read this series, plus the main character, Heather Wells works in ResLife, I LOVE RESLIFE and there’s mystery solving? Yes. Plus it’s Meg Cabot. I do plan on reading this pre-BEA.

Big Boned by Meg Cabot – Book 3 in the Heather Wells series. I already own book 2 and yeah like I said, determination!

For Review:

Splendors And Glooms by Laura Amy Schlitz (Netgalley) – So this bad boy was featured on The Book Smugglers’ On Our Radar and THEN I saw it on Netgalley and immediately requested because hello Middle Grade victorian era? Hi my name is April I LOVE THIS NOISE.

Dead Reckoning by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill (Netgalley) – I saw this one on Bunbury In The Stacks I think and was like OMG I WANT THAT THERE ARE ZOMBIES AND COWBOYS AND GIRLS DRESSED AS BOYS. So duh, I requested.

Meant To Be by Lauren Morrill (Netgalley) – Okay, so Lauren Oliver had great things to say about this book at her signing that I went to a few months ago, so of course I listened and YAYYY got approved.

Love And Other Perishable Items by Laura Buzo (Netgalley) – Carla who is queen of fire in the pants saw this on Netgalley and immediately pointed my friends and I in the direction of this book. She said it’s an Aussie book and word, Carla knows always.

Merits Of Mischief: The Bad Apple by TR Burns (Vine) – I freakin’ love this cover. PLUS it is middle grade. Which I also love. About BAD KIDS. Again. LOVE. Book, I am so excited for you. I am hoping to start this book on Monday.

Hidden by Sophie Jordan (Unsolicited) – AHHHHHHH! I LOVE FIRELIGHT AND VANISH AND SOPHIE JORDAN. I practically did flaily arms over this like a nerd.

Ten by Gretchen McNeil (Unsolicited) – I kind of liked Possess. I think Gretchen is awesome in person and I am excited to see how her writing has developed and matured and I mean that in the best possible way. PLUS And Then There Were None overtones? Um hello yes, so into that.

Glass Heart by Amy Garvey (Unsolicited) – Oh, friends. I LOVE THIS COVER. It is so pink and pretty and I want to hug it. And I did like a lot of Cold Kiss so yayy this awesome book is in my house waiting for me to read and fan girl and geek out.

A Fractured Light by Jocelyn Davies (Unsolicited) – So, this is the second in a series where I haven’t read the first. All things in good time though.

The Turning by Francine Prose (Unsolicited) – Cool cover? Check. Awesome summary? Check. Classic retelling? Check. Am I excited? CHECK CHECK CHECK.

The Other Normals by Ned Vizzini (Unsolicited) – LOL you guys I totally forgot to put this in and as I was formatting the links I was like hmmm feels like I am forgetting something. Right now my boyfriend is reading this book and apparently the main character is like our roommate that we HATED so I guess, LOL, I will see about this book.

Arise by Tara Hudson (Unsolicited) – I still need to read Hereafter, but I am keeping an open mind.

Dreamless by Josephine Angelini (Unsolicited) – Again, I need to read Starcrossed, but a few of my friends LOVED Starcrossed so yes, I am pumped up.

Insurgent by Veronica Roth (Unsolicited) – Yo. I already read this noise and was a fan and rambled on and on about it.

The Lost Code by Kevin Emerson (Unsolicited) – Second copy of this, but hey it’s finished! Plus the whole Atlantis thing really makes me excited, but I think I am going to save this for immediately after BEA.

Until I Die by Amy Plum (Unsolicited) – Well, I wasn’t in love with Die For Me, but my peeps say that Until I Die is wayyyy better. SO, I am willing to go in with an open mind and give it the old college try.

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.
About April (Books&Wine)

April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. So many good books to sink your teeth into, dude. Go wild reading!

  2. So, um, HIDDEN. I can’t even right now. I had to read your little blurb twice just to confirm what I was reading. SO excited for that one! And I’m about to start Meant To Be myself because LONDON and contemporary and swoony times. YES x 3.
    I’m also pretty jazzed about Love and Other Perishable Items. HOLLA, Aussies! Been looking forward to that one for awhile, ever since I added Good Oil to my TBR. Woot!

  3. You got lots of great books, enjoy!

  4. OMG!!!!!!! AN ARC of TEN!!!!! I really want to read this one!!! 🙂

  5. SO I don’t even know where to start on your list. YES to Meg Cabot’s series – you should DEFINITELY read it before BEA because sleuthing MCs are my FAVE. And HIDDEN. And TEN YES. And I read Starcrossed and liked it okay, and recently read Dreamless, and it was SO MUCH BETTER, so there’s that. Same with Die for Me/Until I Die.

    OH AND Merits of Mischief – I need to grab a copy of this book ASAP.

  6. I’m so jealous that you got a copy of Ten I want to read that so bad and I also need to read the Heather Wells series too! I hope you enjoy everything you got this week =) Here’s my IMM!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  7. Splendors and Glooms and YEAHHHHH.

  8. Holy moly! What a stack! Happy reading, because you’ve got some amazing books there.

    Melissa’s In My Mailbox

  9. You had such an awesome week! I can’t wait for Meant to Be and Ten! They sound so great. Enjoy all your new reads.

  10. I love your lovely tower of books! Merits of Mischief is suppose to be a fabulous MG read! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it. Enjoy HIDDEN! I keep hearing how awesome that book is. Enjoy your goodies and Happy Reading!

  11. Enjoy all your books 🙂 The Lost Code looks SO great!

  12. I cannot wait to see how the series ends with Hidden! I never expected to like the books as much as I have! I read Ten already and really loved it! Hope you enjoy all your new reads! 🙂
    You can check out what I got this week HERE!

    ps. The copy of Bitterblue and tote bag I won on your blog arrived last night! Thanks again! 🙂

  13. omg!! you have hidden!! i am dying to read it. excellent stack this week. enjoy 🙂

    and thank you for stopping by my new books post.


  14. Hahaha you have a little mountain of books there. What a great haul lol!!

    I love Amy Plum’s series. It so awesome. I have bought the Until I Die however I have not started yet.

    Hope you enjoy all your books.

    Maura @ Monster of Books

  15. Thanks for the heads-up on Splendors and Glooms! I can’t wait to give that one a read 🙂 Insurgent is definitely in my To-Be Read pile. I’m almost hesitant to read it because Divergent was so good and we had to wait so long for Insurgent! Haha.

    I am a bit jealous of Meant to Be, but I really hope you enjoy it! I’ve heard really good things about Die for Me but not for Until I Die. Meh, guess we’ll see what you think 🙂

    Hope you enjoy all your lovelies!

    My book haul:

  16. Lots of awesome books!!! Enjoy! Check out what I got this week!

  17. Nice list of books! Size 12 is not fat is on my TBR list. I hope you like it!
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

  18. I have Size 12… but wasn’t aware it was part of a series, thanks for the heads up!

    Also I hope you enjoy Love and Other Perishable Items, it’s published as Good Oil here in Aus and Laura is a fantastic author, her new book is even better!

  19. I’m so excited to read your review of Meant to Be. I am so in love with the cover and that always makes me nervous because what if the book doesn’t live up to its pretty outside?! So, basically, I’m counting on you to let me know if it’s totally AMAZE or not. I’m hoping for amazing, obviously, even though the last thing I need is to buy another book.

  20. So many awesome books! I adored Starcrossed. You should definitely check it out! 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of Glass Heart, that cover really is gorgeous. 🙂 Enjoy!

  21. Lady, I am beyond anxious to hear what you have to say about Meant to Be. Just finished reading it about a week ago and REALLY enjoyed it. The characters had their flaws, and at times I was thinking “MAKE A DECISION ALREADY,” but in the end, it all wrapped up well. Definitely liked the mature characters and witty banter. Those are two things I like to see in YA and this has it in spades. 🙂

  22. Oh, yay! I’m glad I got you to request Dead Reckoning. =)

    I didn’t think it was amazing, but I enjoyed it. I haven’t gotten a response on Love and Other Perishable Items for weeks! I’m getting ancy and thinking about putting the request in again…

    Also, you realize you are in SO much trouble given that this stack is from the week BEFORE BEA.

  23. Holy. Freaking. Bajeezadoodles. That is one hugnormous stack. Out of all these I think I’m probably most excited for Ten. I haven’t read Possess, but I love a good scary book 😀