The Christmas Wedding Ring by Susan Mallery | Book Review

Apparently The Christmas Wedding Ring by Susan Mallery is a reissue of a book from 1989 but updated to reflect a Christmas theme and modern times, sort of. The premise is that main character Molly has had her heart broken by a guy, and so, she remembers back to a promise that her sister’s ex-boyfriend Dylan […]

Mistletoe And Mr. Right by Lyla Payne | Novella Review

Sometimes what you think would make a great Christmas surprise for someone actually is kind of a not very smart life choice — and that’s essentially the plot in Mistletoe And Mr. Right by Lyla Payne. FYI, it feels weird that when you read this it will be snowing and blustery and cold whereas, I am […]

Love In The Afternoon by Alison Packard | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To This Book? You ever start a few audiobooks at once but like throwing spaghetti, it just doesn’t seem to stick? Prior to listening to Love In The Afternoon by Alison Packard, I could not find an audiobook to stick. I had wanted to listen to a non fiction for something different, […]

Point Of Retreat by Colleen Hoover | Book Review

I love that there are new adult books that exist where slam poetry is a pivot point around which the book kind of turns. Or at least, where poetry plays a role. Slammed is the first of Colleen Hoover’s series that integrates slam poetry. The sequel, Point Of Retreat, also uses some slam poetry, however, it […]

Exquisite Corpse by Pénélope Bagieu | Book Review

Why Did I Read This Graphic Novel? God’s honest truth – because an email asked me to. But more seriously, I picked up Exquisite Corpse by Penelope Bagieu because the summary made it seem like it would be a light and fun sort of read. Lately I’ve been consuming books with heavier themes and so, I […]

Allison: The Heart of Christmas | Brenda Novak | Book Review

The Heart of Christmas by Brenda Novak was probably my least favorite Christmas book that I read during the holiday season last year. I simply could not get behind the characters, believe the romance that was supposed to be starting between them, and I found myself shaking my head at all the twists and turns […]