Bold Love by Lauren Accardo | Book Review

The Forever Adirondacks trilogy by Lauren Accardo is a series I’ve faithfully read simply based on setting. The final book in the series is Bold Love featuring Sydney from Wild Love‘s best friend Bee and Denny, a former NFL player. Bold Love was a fun distraction. I thought this wasn’t a bad read and found it […]

Sweet Love by Lauren Accardo | Book Review

I have to say, there is a certain appeal about a book set locally. Sweet Love by Lauren Accardo, book two in the Forever Adirondacks series, is set somewhat local to me. Granted, I am in Syracuse, but the Adirondacks is like a two hour drive depending on how fast you drive. I had liked the […]

Wild Love by Lauren Accardo | Book Review

Finally! Finally! A contemporary romance that partially takes place during autumn. Wild Love by Lauren Accardo caught my eye based on the cover and the foliage gracing the background. Friends I was so excited to pick this book up and read the heck out of it. Another vastly appealing part of it was that it’s set […]