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David, also known as Scrub, is the  main character of Aliens On Vacation by Clete Barrett Smith and he is in for a disappointment. You see, Scrub had planned on spending his summer training for basketball and hopefully kissing a girl. Instead, he discovers that he must help his kooky earth cruchy grandma run her hotel,the Intergalactic Bed And Breakfast, which totally looks like something out of Star Wars. Scrub thinks it is dorky, I think it is awesome.

Aliens On Vacation, Clete Barrett Smith, Book Cover

Aliens On Vacation by Clete Barrett Smith

If all sci fi was written like Aliens On Vacation by Clete Barrett Smith, I would totally read it more often. The science wasn’t too overwhelming. Basically, the aliens come to ‘rustic’ Earth to vacation via portal in the inn. That’s it. No math mumbo jumbo. Basically, Aliens On Vacation is a fun, lighthearted read, with aliens (duh!).

You guys, Scrub is my favorite. He’s the type of middle school boy that I don’t find irritating. There is nary a fart in Aliens On Vacation. Instead, Scrub, reluctant at first, turns out to be a hard worker who cares deeply for his grandma and wants her to be successful with the Bed and Breakfast despite the suspicious sheriff who totes doesn’t have a warrant for that.

There are prominent female characters in Clete Barrett Smith’s book as well. YAY! Namely Amy, an attractive local girl who wants to major in aliens and is totes obsessed with finding some. Amy forms a bond and friendship with Scrub. It’s very adorable and chaste.

Friends, this is Sci Fi lite for those who want to branch out into geekery just a little bit — like ME. All of my cool friends like Science Fiction, but I am so totally a FANTASY girl, but I still want to sit at the cool Science Fiction table! There are eccentric characters, fast pacing, themes of family, friendship and loyalty as well. Aliens On Vacation by Clete Barrett Smith is a fantastic read for those looking to the stars.

Disclosure: Borrowed from my local library.

This is a CYBILS book.

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  1. hm this looks pretty interesting. i like the cover a lot. having an intergalactic hotel would be pretty interesting. i may check my local library to see if they have this one.

  2. I really enjoy Sci Fi, but I do find myself sometimes skimming over some of the technical stuff. I love aliens.. and this looks like a super cute book. I haven’t read a middle grade in a while. Not since the Percy Jackson books, so I may have to request this one from my library.

    LoL at nary the fart :o)

  3. Totally want this (such a fun title). I wonder if you would also enjoy retro-scifi lit ‘My Teacher is an Alien’ by Bruce Coville. It’s funny, cute and adventurey.

  4. Oh, girl. You had me at “nary a fart.” And kids who respect their elders? And aliens? I mean, really.

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