Calvin by Martine Leavitt | Book Review

I feel like Martine Leavitt is an underrated children’s and young adult literature gem. My first encounter with Leavitt’s books was with My Book Of Life By Angel, a book that really made me think and depressed me and ugh, all the things. Calvin is my second experience reading one of Leavitt’s books, but one that has […]

Blue Mountain by Martine Leavitt | Book Review

If I enjoy a book by an author, there is a chance that I will be ten times more likely to pick up another book by the author, regardless of what it is about. I really loved My Book Of Life By Angel by Martine Leavitt, and I am pretty sure she’s also won awards, therefore, […]

My Book Of Life By Angel Martine Leavitt Book Review

Some contemporary books let you drift into complacence before hammering you with the theme and message, if there is one. Others take you right by the throat in a chokehold from the very beginning, not letting go until you turn the very last acknowledgements page. My Book Of Life By Angel by Martine Leavitt is one […]