Take Me On by Katie McGarry | Book Review

Katie McGarry is back with Take Me On, the fourth in her Pushing The Limits series. I will be honest and admit I was a tiny bit apprehensive when I started this book as I found her third book, Crash Into You to be a huge disappointment. Take Me On is one of those books that is so […]

Crash Into You by Katie McGarry | Book Review

Katie McGarry’s books basically demand to be read. Whenever I have one in my possession, I think more about that book and getting to reading it than the other books I have. I mean, seriously, her books are so hard to put down. I kind of figured it would be the same with Crash Into You, […]

Dare You To | Katie McGarry | Book Review

You ever start a book and find yourself mind numbingly bored, so then you open up a different one and am like, okay just a few pages and then I will go back to my obligation? THEN before you know it you have finished the interesting book and find yourself craving WAY more contemporaries? Okay, […]

Pushing The Limits Katie McGarry Book Review

Ah, Pushing The Limits, you sly, seductive book, you. Y’all, based on the reviews I read beforehand, I kind of thought Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry would be the sort of book I could background read. You know, pick it up and set it down while concentrating on other things. WRONG. This book had my full frontal […]