Torn Away by Jennifer Brown | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To Torn Away by Jennifer Brown? Torn Away by Jennifer Brown has the sort of summary that immediately catches your attention. Prior to Torn Away, I had only read one book by Jennifer Brown - A Thousand Words. I was not a huge fan, but I am always willing to give authors another […]

Thousand Words | Jennifer Brown | Book Review

It’s really cool when young adult books take on issues that are actually relevant to teenagers. Yet, sometimes I read these books and am unable to take my grown up hat off. It’s like when I am browsing the news sites and there’s a story about what kids these days are doing like that choking […]

Perfect Escape Jennifer Brown Book Review

When I think about YA road trip books, the usual words that come to mind are: light, romantic and fun. Perfect Escape by Jennifer Brown is a road trip read, but of the more heavy variety. While Perfect Escape did not blow me away by any means, I am still looking forward to checking out […]