Bloggiesta Fall 2015 Goals

You guys it is that wonderful time of the year where pumpkin spice is everywhere and I can look longingly at the sweaters in my drawers and boots on my rack and know that soon I will be able to wear them. It is also a time of blog improvement and getting kind of caught […]

March 2013 Bloggiesta Goals

I love Bloggiesta! Seriously, I feel like it is the one time of year where I actually end up getting things done and a tiny bit ahead on the blog. I remember one year I ended up scheduling all my reviews for like 3 weeks and it was AMAZING! I am not entirely sure how […]

Jump Start Your Traffic With StumbleUpon | Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge

Hello fellow Bloggiesta-lovers! I hope you are as pumped up about improving your blogs and scheduling some posts in advance as I am. So, I randomly tweeted Bloggiesta yesterday because while driving in my car I was thinking about this weekend and oh man, it would be so cool to do a mini challenge on […]

Bloggiesta: AKA Can I Do This With A Margarita?

Hey friends, it’s time for one of my favorite bi-annual events, Bloggiesta! What other event do you get to eat delicious food, drink margaritas AND improve your blog? For reals. Anyways, today is the FIRST day of Bloggiesta and it goes until  Sunday night. Bloggiesta is hosted by There’s A Book and  It’s All About Books. I made […]

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Get Noticed By Search Engines

Hola Bloggiesta Compadres! That is about as far as my Spanish goes. Chances are if you are stopping by this mini-challenge you want to increase your traffic and you want to reach out to a larger audience than your fellow bloggers. So You Want To Get Noticed By Search Engines 1. Read This Post 2. […]

Bloggiesta! In Which I Tell You I Am Signing Up And My Hopes And Dreams

YOU GUYS! I have been waiting FOREVER for a Bloggiesta because I procrastinate like it’s my job. And it looks like there will finally be one March 30-April 1 hosted by Danielle at There’s A Book and Suey at It’s All About Books. So what, pray tell, is Bloggiesta? It is this big festival that […]