Talon by Julie Kagawa | Book Review

I have been on a bit of a Julie Kagawa reading binge of late and I have absolutely no regrets. After finishing The Forever Song I read a couple of books but I came back to Kagawa OF COURSE and picked up Talon. I took the leap from vampires to dragons and that has made all the […]

The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa | Book Review

This is definitely my year of finishing trilogies that have been in my list for what feels like forever. I just finished up the Chaos Walking trilogy and now I’ve finished Julie Kagawa’s Blood Of Eden trilogy. The Forever Song wraps up Kagawa’s dystopian vampire series with some unexpected plot twists and intense action. Straight up, there’s […]

The Stepsister’s Tale by Tracy Barrett | Book Review

I feel like you can tell I was raised during the 1990s golden era of Disney because I will read the heck out of any fairy tale re-telling. There’s something a little bit magical about those familiar stories that we all know being adapted and changed. I love reading different authors’ takes on these tales. […]

Allison: The Heart of Christmas | Brenda Novak | Book Review

The Heart of Christmas by Brenda Novak was probably my least favorite Christmas book that I read during the holiday season last year. I simply could not get behind the characters, believe the romance that was supposed to be starting between them, and I found myself shaking my head at all the twists and turns […]

Allison: Maybe This Christmas | Sarah Morgan | Book Review

I’m not a winter person. Far from it honestly. I like the first drifts of snow because I think it is beautiful. I can’t imagine Christmas without snow as that is how it has always been. Except for last year when there wasn’t any snow and it was weird. But after Christmas? The snow can […]

Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder | Book Review

It has been years since I’ve read a book in Maria V. Snyder’s Study series. I read the first two books, Poison Study which was this baller book that I read in one afternoon on a lawn chair in the hot sun, and Magic Study which was okay but certainly not on the level of Poison Study. I […]