The Great Christmas Knit-Off by Alexandra Brown | Book Review

The Great Christmas Knit-Off by Alexandra Brown was balm to my soul. This book is like a warm cup of tea (if I was more of a tea person). It was cozy and sweet and exactly what I’ve needed to read during a sort of stressful time of the year. Sybil has had a terrible […]

Home For The Holidays by Sara Richardson | Book Review

The first official Christmas book I picked up this year was Home For The Holidays by Sara Richardson. Unfortunately I just lost all motivation to review. It wasn’t the book’s fault, but my fault I had no mojo in general. Thankfully, the holiday spirit has come over me and I feel renewed in my excitement […]

A Christmas To Remember by Jenny Hale | Book Review

Last year, I read my first Jenny Hale holiday book, but it was not going to be my last. When I saw A Christmas To Remember on Netgalley, I absolutely had to read it. I knew it would hit the spot when I wanted to read a sweet, gentle Christmas romance. My instincts were completely correct. […]

The Christmas Backup Plan by Lori Wilde | Book Review

I love when books combine Christmas and my favorite tropes. The Christmas Backup Plan by Lori Wilde is a sweet, somewhat steamy holiday romance set in both Twilight, Texas and Cupid, Texas. Thus this book is a crossover between two of Wilde’s series. I found myself reading this book so quickly over the weekend and ending up […]

In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren | Book Review

Y’all, I have inhaled In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren. Clearly I am so far behind on the trend of reading their books. I’ve only read Beautiful Bastard and Sublime. Otherwise, that is pretty much it. And wow, have I been missing out! As it turns out though, when it comes to catching up or dipping your toes […]

Christmas In Harmony Harbor by Debbie Mason | Book Review

Christmas In Harmony Harbor by Debbie Mason is apparently the final book in her Harmony Harbor series, but the actual first book of the series that I’ve read. I went into this book without any character situation context at all and ended up really enjoying my time with it. If you’re looking for a sweet […]