In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren | Book Review

Y’all, I have inhaled In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren. Clearly I am so far behind on the trend of reading their books. I’ve only read Beautiful Bastard and Sublime. Otherwise, that is pretty much it. And wow, have I been missing out! As it turns out though, when it comes to catching up or dipping your toes […]

The Dead Boyfriend | Girl In Reverse | Sublime

Sometimes it’s really not the best idea to read something out of nostalgia. It just doesn’t ever seem to live up to your childhood based expectations. I picked up The Dead Boyfriend by RL Stine hoping to recapture the delight of childhood. I especially loved the Fear Street books in middle school. Thus, I thought perhaps […]

Beautiful Bastard | Christina Lauren | Book Review

I am a firm believer in reading whatever the heck I want and in indulging my guilty pleasures. So, when I got a Netgalley email about Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren, all I knew was that it had been previously read by a lot of people and that there were sexytimes involved. And based on the […]