Black Sheep by Rachel Harrison | Book Review

I was so scared to read Black Sheep by Rachel Harrison because I am admittedly a chicken. Now that I have kids, I am so out of practice with reading horror stories. I cannot handle anything with kids in danger. However, Cackle was soooo good that I knew I needed to give Black Sheep a shot. Add in […]

In The Company Of Witches by Auralee Wallace | Book Review

It’s highly possible that In The Company Of Witches by Auralee Wallace may have converted me into becoming a fan of the cozy mystery genre. You see, I don’t typically pick that genre up. However, the whole witches theme caught my interest. So, I gave In The Company of Witches a shot. And I just genuinely loved it. […]

Cackle by Rachel Harrison | Book Review

During spooky season, I love a good witch book or two. Cackle by Rachel Harrison delivers in spades. I was not too sure what to expect, but I just dove right in. Going in not knowing a lot was a good choice. However, I think I still would have enjoyed this book had I known a […]