Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy? Honestly, all of Julie Murphy’s books are treasures. Sorry but if you didn’t like Dumplin I don’t even know how to talk to you as a person. The catalyst for reading Ramona Blue was basically that it was staring me in the face on the shelf […]

Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy | Book Review

PRAISE HANDS FOR JULIE MURPHY. All of the emoji praise hands for Julie Murphy. For serious I want to just throw a ticker tape parade for her latest book, Dumplin’. I want to press it into the hands of anyone who has ever been made to feel bad about how they look. I want to press […]

Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy | Book Review

I get nervous when a book is pitched as The Fault In Our Stars meets Sarah Dessen. I mean, how can a book even live up to a comparison like that? Fortunately, when I picked up Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy, I was able to clear the comparisons from my head and take the book on […]