Rumble by Ellen Hopkins | Book Review

When a copy of Hopkins’s latest book, Rumble, arrived in my mail I was so excited. I was excited because it was on a topic that I could really relate to, losing your faith. I mean, I can’t relate to drugs or prostitution, but I can totally relate to going from being religious to being not-so-religious. Yet, Rumble goes a little deeper than the whole question of having faith vs. being faithless.

Review of Fallout by Ellen Hopkins

Every day people make bad decisions. Every day people have to deal with the repercussions of someone else’s bad choice. So, even if your parents aren’t drug addicts, it can be easy to relate to Fallout by Ellen Hopkins, because chances are at least once in your life someone has made a decision which affected you, […]

Glass by Ellen Hopkins: ‘It’s like glass, when we break’

There is a song from an obscure 90s movie called Angus, that I can’t get out of my head. It sort of reminds me of Glass by Ellen Hopkins. The song is called Am I Wrong and it’s by Love Spit Love. Basically, there’s just one line that reminds me of the book, “It’s like […]

Review of Crank by Ellen Hopkins

How many of you read Go Ask Alice when you were younger? Well, Crank by Ellen Hopkins is sort of like Go Ask Alice, only 1000x better. Upon finishing Crank, I did not think drugs were cool, whereas when I finished Go Ask Alice I was able to see the appeal of whatever that girl was on. […]