Allison: BEA 2015 Reflection

I’ve been struggling with how to write my recap for BEA 2015. I mean, how can explain all of the excitement in one blog post? Especially when I’m afraid of forgetting something important that happened to me along the way. There were A LOT of good things that happened! So, this is what I have […]

Allison: #BEA15 Bound!

As you are reading this, I am probably doing my last minute prep before I head to #BEA15 in fabulous NYC. This will be my fourth year attending BEA so you’d think by now I’d be an old pro at it right? Well I have to admit I kinda do feel like I am. I’m […]

Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult | Book Review

If there is one bookish thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m a long-time Jodi Picoult fan. I remember walking through my middle school library and seeing My Sister’s Keeper on a shelf. For whatever reason, I was intrigued and picked it up. Thus began my obsession. Naturally, when I decied I was […]

Good Books And Good Wine Is Heading To #BEA14

Hello reader friends! I am so pleased to announce that the entire Good Books And Good Wine team is going to Book Expo America 2014 in New York City! Don’t know the whole team yet? Well you will after this post! Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you know me. I’m April, I am […]

Allison: #BEA14 Resolutions

Allison’s BEA ’14 Resolutions Pack a small suitcase I’m taking my packing very seriously this year. The past two years I have had to bring giant suitcases with me to BEA because I had brought so much clothing – some of which I could have done without – and last year my big suitcase caused […]

My #BEA14 Resolutions

In which I vlog and am somewhat amusing and totally butcher LotR. Here’s a quick Run Down of my resolutions: Don’t get sick! Be less shy. Hand out business cards. Don’t be “that guy.” Attend ALL THE OPEN BARS! Obtain Mortal Heart no matter the cost. Take all the pictures. Limit the books I obtain. […]