Light Of Day by Allison Van Diepen | Book Review

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Light Of Day by Allison Van Diepen | Book ReviewLight of Day by Allison van Diepen
Also by this author: On the Edge
Published by HarperCollins on November 24th 2015
Genres: Young Adult, Love & Romance, Law & Crime, Social Issues, Violence
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover
Source: Publisher
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From the author of On the Edge and Snitch comes a dangerous, sexy novel perfect for fans of Simone Elkeles.
When Gabby Perez is almost drugged at a nightclub, she decides to take action. Teaming up with a mysterious stranger known as X, the two go after a gang who is drugging and kidnapping innocent girls off the Miami streets and forcing them into prostitution. As their search deepens, Gabby and X can't ignore their undeniable attraction to each other. Then Gabby discovers the truth about who X really is and the danger that surrounds him. Can their love survive the light of day?
Light of Day is set in the same world as On the Edge (readers will recognize some of their favorite characters in this book) and features a diverse cast. With romance, action, and realistic friendships, this is a gripping story about finding out where you belong, discovering the power to make a difference, and finding true love along the way.

Light Of Day by Allison Van Diepen is one of those books that I began almost immediately after finishing a previous book by the same author - On The Edge. I had no clue what to read next, however, because I had a book in a similar style on hand, I went with it. Do you guys do that? Just kind of go with the flow and read things by the same author in a single go? Light Of Day is a bit of a companion novel to On The Edge, even if that is not noted on goodreads or even on the book.

Light Of Day by Allison Van Diepen is about this girl named Gabbiy who is a radio personality. One day, Gabbi is out with her friend Maria at the club. Gabby goes to the bathroom, when a mysterious stranger stops her and warns her that this guy sitting next to them slipped something into both their drinks. Gabby takes his warning seriously, and sure enough, Maria has been drugged. So, Gabby gets Maria home. The next night, Gabby discusses this on her radio show and discovers that is a way that pimps recruit girls. She also discovers that she’s really attracted to the mysterious guy, who goes by the name of X.

Unfortunately, Gabby has some trouble pop up, so it isn’t like she can focus on winning the attention and love of X. You see, one of her friends, Bree, goes missing. Gabby suspects that Bree may have been kidnapped by a pimp and is now being sold on the streets. So, she asks X for help, to keep an ear to the ground. Gabby may just have a lead, but with that lead comes danger at both Gabby and X’s expense. The truth is about to come out in the Light Of Day (see what I did there!).

Gabby is a bit different from Maddie in On The Edge. For one, Gabby is no academic. She’s also from a different class background than Maddie. Her parents are still together, work middle class jobs and are very insistent on Gabby doing well in school. Gabby, of course, bucks this trend. She’s known for being loud and having an opinion. Gabby was once one of the popular girls at school, however, she broke up with essentially the prom king, JC, and he spread a bunch of rumors making her look like a jerk. So, now Gabby sits with what she deems the Paranormal Sisters and is a member of the Zombie Defense Club. She does not regret her life choices though. Anyways, I liked that the narrator character of Light Of Day by Allison Van Diepen was so passionate about her radio show and broadcast media. I mean, I am not sure how realistic it is or how many people actually listen to radio shows these days with the proliferation of Sirius XM, Pandora, Podcasts, Spotify, and iTunes, but it is a neat thought. Anyways, so, yeah, Gabby has quite the big personality and I felt like she was entertaining enough to read about.

The romantic lead in Allison Van Diepen’s Light Of Day is X, the same street artist from On The Edge. Only, now that Lobo is gone, X is leading the Destinoes. He takes this position very seriously. As a romantic lead, I thought it was cool that X was a street artist and very into that. However, I thought he was kind of a jerk to Gabby, especially when she is just trying to help him have a future that is actually sustainable. He sort of throws that in her face though and trust, I was not feeling that. Also, Gabby is in love with him after three days of dating him — or at least that is what it felt like. I thought that this insta-love was the weakest link in this book.

One element that I found interesting in Light Of Day was the human trafficking element. The last book, On The Edge really seemed to focus on gangs. This book is more focused on prostitution and brings the issue front and center. We learn about how pimps lure girls and how awful the issue is. There is also a focus on how hard it is to get out. Also, the whole system of punishing and arresting the girls rather than helping them to get out and be safe is prominent in this book as well. I liked that it took a serious issue and made it digestible for teenagers. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

As I read Light Of Day right after Diepen’s On The Edge, I will admit that I found the writing to be a bit formulaic. I mean, the books have similar plotlines. Good girl falls for bad boy. Good girl falls for bad boy in the span of like a week. Bad boy has a secret sensitive side – but is also in a gang. There is some pressing social issue and somehow the girl is drawn in. The girl wears different outfits that are described and goes to lots of parties. There is some sort of danger that the girl somehow ends up in. The bad boy saves her and gets hurt, but miraculously lives. They declare their love. The end. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am not a hater by any means. However, I will give you the advice that maybe you should not binge read these books if you are not into the whole formulaic reading. I also will have to give these books credit and say that I think they could be vastly appealing to the reluctant reader. Also! They have diverse casts and I think that’s a great thing as well. So, if you’re looking for the next great American novel, Light Of Day by Allison Van Diepen is not it. If you are looking for a breezy plane read or have to fill your library with appealing books for reluctant readers – this book is the perfect selection to make.

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. Never read anything from this author before, but I’ll have to check her out on Goodreads. Great review!