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Why Did I Listen To This Book?

Honestly, I decided to purchase and listen to Rootless by Chris Howard because a few of my twitter friendss were really chatting it up and it seemed like they were fans. Don’t ask me who was chatting it up because it’s been…about 7 months between me listening to the book and me typing the review. Can I get a what what for procrastination. Anyways, I have a tendency to try books I am not entirely familiar with on audio more than in print. I took a gamble on Rootless and listened to it because besides the twitter hype, fricken Nick Podehl is the narrator and he is kind of the best at narrating books. Well, he’s in my top 5 narrators at least. Despite dystopia fatigue, I was pumped up to listen to this book.

Rootless by Chris Howard | Good Books And Good Wine

What’s The Story Here?

Main character Banyan is seventeen and works as a tree builder. His dad is missing and so, part of Banyan’s life is centered on finding his dad again. Anyways, the world of Rootless is a bleak one where there are no more real trees anymore. ONLY! Banyan stumbles upon a woman who has a tattoo of some of the last living trees on her back and a map to get there. So, somehow Banyan and some other people (my mind is blanking because it has been MONTHS YOU GUYS MONTHS) go on this huge epic journey to find those trees. And also to find Banyan’s dad. Oh, and there’s like a little tiny bit attraction, from what I remember.

How Is Banyan As A Character?

Man, this is so embarrassing because it’s been such a long time since I’ve listened to Rootless by Chris Howard that I can’t be like here are three examples of why Banyan is great. So, here is what a vaguely remember: first I did not hate Banyan. I wasn’t like oh I hope this character dies in a fire. What  I do remember was thinking that Banyan’s occupation was cool. I also remember thinking wow that kid is one hard worker. I thought, hmmm, I got mad respect for artists. OH OH and I think I remember reading that Banyan could read or write or was literate and that was kind of a big deal. HOWEVER, I could be wrong because again it has been months. So you guys, just go with it that Banyan is not a douche and you will probably like him.

How’s The World Building?

OKAY! So this is a part that I remember because it actually legitimately stuck out in my head. So, in Rootless the world is mad bleak. Like, there’s no trees or plants or anything because these stupid locusts eat everything and it’s not as simple as spraying them with stuff. Instead, all the food in the world is made by this one corporation. That corporation protects their wares by hiring some scary dudes to kill people who get too close. They also protect from the locusts as well. OH and rich people hire tree builders to make trees from metal and stuff as a reminder of how the world used to be. OH and there are cannibals and I think slaves from what I remember. It’s hard out there for most people, y’all. So, from what I remember the world building kind of asks the question of what would happen if we experienced ecological devastation and there were no trees. Really, you’ll just want to hug a tree by the end.

What’s The Narration Like?

I can only rephrase my feelings about Nick Podehl’s narrator skills so many times. ONLY SO MANY. Here is what you need to know: he is great, his voice is distinctive, he does different voices and accents. His voice is pleasing to the ears. If you listen to enough of his audiobooks you will get to the point where in your head you will hear him reading books to you. That is all. OH and Rootless by Chris Howard is 8 hours and 24 minutes long and produced by Scholastic Audio. At this point, my memory instincts are telling me that I would totally recommend it.

Sum It Up With A GIF:

I have no memory of this place

Word, Gandalf I feel that when I try to remember things from this book.

Disclosure: Purchased My Own Copy

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. Okay, you have me convinced that I need to read this. I was already drawn to this book because of the gorgeous cover, but your review definitely has persuaded me. I mean, you remembered this much after 7 months?! That’s a good book then. haha great review! I might even try the audiobook 😛
    Courtney @ Courtney Reads A Lot recently posted..Waiting on Wednesday (36) – The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. PearsonMy Profile

  2. The world in Rootless does sound pretty bleak! Is it strange that it makes me curious about this novel? Because it really does. I know I considered reading it before, but now I’m really tempted to borrow a copy and see if I wind up liking it!
    Alexa S. recently posted..Since You’ve Been Gone – Morgan Matson (Review)My Profile

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