How To Catch A Bogle by Catherine Jinks | Audiobook Review

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

How To Catch A Bogle by Catherine Jinks | Audiobook ReviewHow To Catch A Bogle by Catherine Jinks
Series: Bogle #1
Narrator: Mandy Williams
Length: 7 Hours 12 Minutes
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on 2013
Genres: Action & Adventure, Girls & Women, Historical, Monsters, Mysteries & Detective Stories, Young Adult
Pages: 320
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher
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If ever a chill entered her soul, or the hope suddenly drained from her heart, she knew a bogle was to blame. Birdie McAdam, a ten-year-old orphan,†is tougher than she looks. She's proud of her job as apprentice to Alfred the Bogler, a man who catches monsters for a living. Birdie lures the bogles out of their lairs with her sweet songs, and Alfred kills them before they kill her. On the mean streets of Victorian England, hunting bogles is actually less dangerous work than mudlarking for scraps along the vile river Thames. (See glossary!) Or so it seemsóuntil the orphans of London start to disappear . . .

Why DId I Listen To This Book?

I was totally in the mood for a middle grade story, especially one with a fantasy focus.†How To Catch A Bogle by Catherine Jinks seemed like just the charming audiobook I was looking for. Further, I liked the setting which is essentially Dickensian London what with poor houses and all (I always associate poor houses with that time period). Also, how could I resist a book about a young girl who is an apprentice monster aka bogle catcher. That’s kind of awesome, ya know?

What’s The Story Here?

10 year old Birdie is an apprentice to Alfred who is a master bogler, meaning that he catches bogles for a living. Birdie basically is bait for the bogles and gets them to come out by singing and then Alfred catches them. FYI bogles are like ghosts kind of, or at least that is the impression that I got. Anyways, Birdie and Alfred take on several jobs and then it is discovered that children have gone missing from London. Is it the bogles or is it something worse? That’s kind of a lackluster summary of the story and I can say at one point we visit like a mental recovery ward for orphans. There are powerful women in the book. Alfred is awesome, but super serious. There are people who aren’t quite what they appear to be. And also, bogles.

How Are The Characters?

Birdie pretty much wins. But really, I loved her pride in her apprenticeship. I loved how even though her job was dangerous, she certainly did not want to be a maid or someone out on the streets. She also seems to have a lot of faith in Alfred, even though he isn’t the best to her at first. Alfred, I liked, because he’s no nonsense and like, cranky. I love that. Beyond that, my memory is kind of shot this morning as I type this review of†How To Catch A Bogle by Catherine Jinks.

What Did I Think Of The Setting?

I loved how†How To Catch A Bogle explored different parts of London. I loved that we got to really see what it’s like in the poor houses and such. We got to see Birdie get placed into a mental ward and see how awful she was treated. I think that setting the book in the past, in history, gives it a certain freedom unencumbered by technology. Like, instead of googling about bogles, they rely on folklore and experience to overcome them. Further, there’s an interesting look at class and gender during the era in which this is set.

How Is The Narration?

The narrator of†How To Catch A Bogle by Catherine Jinks is Mandy Williams. It’s produced by Listening Library, FYI. Anyways. Mandy Williams goes all out her narration of this audiobook. She’s got a great vocal range. Also? You know how I said Birdie sings to attract the bogles? Well, Mandy actually sings during those scenes as well. I actually really like that. Oh yes, and this audiobook is really short.

However, you guys, this review is so short because ultimately, I feel this book is kind of forgettable seeing as how I have forgotten a lot of what I’ve read and it hasn’t even been that long.

Sum It Up With A GIF:

Basically my feelings as I type this review and my memory kind of isn’t working and it’s like NOW WHAT.

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  1. Nicely said. I did the audio book, too. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m loving it so far. I loved the songs.

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