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The Reece Malcolm List | Amy Spalding | Book ReviewThe Reece Malcolm List by Amy Spalding
Also by this author: , Ink is Thicker Than Water, Imprison the Sky, No Boy Summer
on February 5, 2013
Genres: Young Adult, Love & Romance
Pages: 352
Format: eARC
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Amy Spalding's debut novel is a thoroughly satisfying coming-of-age read full of romance, emotion, and laugh-out-loud moments. Find out why Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan called it, "Funny and poignant, this lively book totally charmed us."

Things I know about Reece Malcolm:1. She graduated from New York University.2. She lives in or near Los Angeles.3. Since her first novel was released, she's been on the New York Times bestseller list every week.4. She likes strong coffee and bourbon.5. She's my mother.

Devan knows very little about Reece Malcolm, until the day her father dies and she's shipped off to live with the mother she's never met. All she has is a list of notebook entries that doesn't add up to much. L.A. offers a whole new world to Devan?a performing arts school allows her to pursue her passion, a new circle of friends helps to draw her out of her shell, and an intriguing boy opens up possibilities for her first love. But then the Reece Malcolm list gets a surprising new entry. Now that Devan is so close to having it all, can she handle the possibility of losing everything?

I am so glad I read The Reece Malcolm List by Amy Spalding, not just because the twitterati said it was great and I try to fit it, but because it is a genuinely awesome book that really does encapsulate coming of age. Dude, how cliche do I sound there? Ha ha, but it is true though. I came into The Reece Malcolm List expecting a girl being sent to a mom she’s never met and lots of tumultuousness. What I got was way more.

And really — Spalding’s debut reminded me why I love young adult contemporary books so much, PLUS PLUS there was so much about it that reminded me of what it’s really actually like to be a teenager beyond being in love triangles and leading revolutions and whatnot. ALSO! This book was totally deserving of the Courtney Summers cover blurb. For once, it’s actually not a misleading blurb.

Friends, I absolutely loved The Reece Malcolm List by Amy Spalding on multiple levels. It's well-written. It's funny. Click to find out more.


Devan has always moved all over the Midwest with her dad, who often felt like they needed a change and would pack up Devan and her stepmother to try living in a different town or city. Devan’s okay with this, she’s come to terms with being the perennial new girl.When her dad dies quite suddenly, Devan is sent to LA to live with her mother, Reece Malcolm. FYI Reece Malcolm is a famous kind of a big deal author. While that in itself is a big change, there’s also the fact that Devan has never spoken with or had any prior contact with her mother so in essence, she’s being sent to live with a stranger (and her awesome live in boyfriend).

As Devan is used to being new it’s not a super huge deal for her, well besides the dead dad thing, but her narration makes it seem like she was kind of distant from her dad and stepmom Tracy. Anyways, living with Reece Malcolm has it’s advantages. These include a baller new wardrobe and being enrolled in an amazing performing arts school. Essentially The Reece Malcolm List is all about Devan navigating her new life in LA, experiencing new romances and most importantly, forming a new relationship and bond with her mother after years of basically being strangers.

You would think Devan would be super emo and sad and mopey, but she’s actually quite awesome. Like this is a girl where, if I liked theater people, I’d probably be friends with her. She comes across as very real. She’s flawed, but not to the point where I was thinking she was a hot mess. Instead, she’s very much a real person, rough edges and all. I have to say, I didn’t really love all of Devan’s life choices, especially a few concerning her mother and their lack of communication, but she’s a teenager and honestly, teenagers do stupid things. Like I totally remember being a teenager and making awful life choices right and left. SO, despite me shaking my head going DEVAN COME ONNNN JUST SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND WANT, I still liked her.

Obviously, this review of The Reece Malcolm List would blow if I didn’t mention THE REECE MALCOLM in her own paragraph. You guys, I want to be Reece Malcolm when I grow up. She is awesome. Reece doesn’t cook. She isn’t a fan of getting all dressed up. Also? She has this amazing work ethic when it comes to writing and her books.

When I started the book, I was under the impression that Reece would be horrible and evil, because what kind of mom doesn’t contact her kid until said child is proverbially dropped on her door step? Turns out I was so totally wrong, and well, this book stars Reece almost as much as Devan. I just, I loved reading about Reece learning to be a mother and how she actually seems to be a much better parent than Devan’s dad and stepmom. I actually thought the relationship was very well done and it’s kind of like Reece comes of age too.

If you’re looking for a young adult contemporary book to approximate something similar to what you experienced in high school, maybe The Reece Malcolm List will come close. I mean, not all of us have famous people for parents. Nor, god willing, do we all experience the death of a parent while still a kid. However, I think plenty of you can relate to spending lots of time doing extracurriculars and making pretty decent friends with the other people who were into the same after school activity or hobby. I loved that singing and musical theater feature so prominently in The Reece Malcolm List.

Like, I was in choir for many, many years. I also did the school musical a few times. Not that I was any good, I wasn’t. Devan, though, is actually an awesome performer and well, it’s nice to read about a character who is so talented, but also really works at honing her skills and craft. ALSO! Just because she’s in an extracurricular doesn’t mean that homework disappears. I loved that Amy Spalding showed Devan doing things like homework and studying without making it boring. Instead it all just seemed authentic. I just have to put it out there that I never get why in YA books set during the school year the characters never seem to be doing homework. ANYWAYS.

There is definitely kissing in The Reece Malcolm List, not a ton, this isn’t entirely a kissing book, but there was enough to leave me satisfied. Let’s just say that Devan has multiple suitors, but the very best one is Sai. Sai is another new kid, also from the midwest. However, he’s going through a few of his own problems. Unfortunately for Devan, she’s firmly in the friend zone despite there being chemistry between the two. I have to say, expect swooning for multiple dudes, much like being a teenager. And also expect Devan to change her mind, she’s young thus not tied down to one guy. And then! AH! There’s a moment where we truly see her growth. It has to do with the romance and the kissing and it is fantastic.

Friends, I absolutely loved The Reece Malcolm List by Amy Spalding on multiple levels. It’s well-written. It’s funny. The main character has interests outside of herself and boys. Actually, I loved that this book was more than a romance — although I do like strictly romance books — but mainly about family relationships. I loved that people were illustrated with a touch of humanity, instead of you know totally quirky and perfect. I also loved that this book was so totally different from my expectations. Seriously, this was one awesome contemporary debut and I cannot wait to see what’s next for Amy Spalding. Likely something amazing.

Disclosure: Received for review via Netgalley

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.
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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. Yay! I adored this book so, so much too! It just did so many things right that are usually missing in YA (the school details, the parent relationship, etc etc). It’s so funny and warm and exactly the sort of book I hope to read more of.

    • <3333 yes! I loved that she included school but didn't make it boring. I loved the relationship between Reece and Devan and how it wasn't perfect, but you know they worked at forming a tenuous bound.

  2. Jen + Estelle + now you! Three highly valued opinions have sung praises for this book. Must. Read. Soon. 🙂

  3. Ginger @ GReads! says

    I just posted my review for this one, too! Absolutely loved this book!! Such a refreshing teenage story, in my opinion. I loved the setting of it being in L.A. – it reminded me a lot of the places I visited while I was there.

    • Yes, I think it’s refreshing in that Devan is not a total buzzkill, she’s talented and she owns it, instead of being shy about it. I’ve never been to LA and haven’t really had a desire to go there, but it does seem kind of cool.

  4. Courtney Summers did not lie to me in her blurb this time. She and Keplinger blurbed Nobody But Us, and I was all this shiz must be AWESOME, and then I hated it and it made me really mad. BUT this one made me all happy like I should do a dance and smile goofily.

    Reece Malcolm is like who I want to be when I grow up. She’s such a balla, and doesn’t give a shit what people think about her. She’s sort of growly on the outside, but if you get to know her well enough, she’s a really loving person. This is sort of how I picture myself. lol.

    Sai! I was so frustrated with him for most of the book, but I still think he’s a good guy. Spalding did such a great job of selling that this was high school and these were heightened emotions, without it being true love foreva or melodramatic. Like, they do a lot of stupid things, but they’re obviously still trying to figure shit out.

    I know I’ll be rereading this one at some point, and I am ready for more Amy Spalding ANY TIME.

    • That sucks when you are lead astray by a blurb — I try not to pay attention to them, but you know it’s impossible to resist sometimes, like if there is a Tamora Pierce blurb.

      Reece Malcolm, number one balla. Straight up stunna. Anyways, yeah, I can see that — tough as nails and loyal as hell to the people they care about.

      LOL, Sai was a total teenager and it just made sense. IDK I just remember guys being oblivious/dumb in high school. AND I remember having heightened emotions in high school.

      Legit cannot wait for her next book.

  5. Ooh, this sounds really good. I’ve been seeing it around but I wasn’t sure. All of the things you mention are things that sound really great to me, but I especially like that Devan’s mom surprised you and wasn’t an awful mom. This one is getting high praises!

  6. I’m so glad you loved this April! I’ll definitely have to check it out after your glowing recommendation!

  7. I have been seeing so much love going around for this book, and I’ll be honest, I was really surprised by it at first! It seemed like it would be a good book from the cover & synopsis, but it turns out everyone, including you, is saying it’s more than good! Definitely adding this one to my TBR pile. 🙂 Thanks, April!!

  8. Yay! I loved this one way more than I expected to, because of all of the things you said. And Devan’s voice is fantastic. And Reece is such a great character. And the ending is so perfect. I was surprised by this little book, honestly. And I’m so, so happy that I read it. It’s definitely one that I’ve been recommending to people. So glad you liked it too. 🙂

    • Devan really does feel so authentic. I loved how complex Reece was. AND YES THE ENDING, I loved how it was all explained out, and that my questions were actually answered. Yeah, this is one I recommend on the whole. <3

  9. This one is sitting at the top of Mt. TBR. I really want to start it soon! This review is just teasing me!

  10. Ahh, everybody is saying such amazing things about this book! I totally thought Reece Malcolm was going to be some evil cold mother, so it’s really nice to hear that she isn’t! The whole parent/child relationship thing going on in this book sounds interesting. I love stories with non-traditional family relationships. I have to read this book ASAP.

    • Reece Malcolm is beyond awesome and I wish she was my mom hahahaha or that I was her, that’s how cool she is.

      Yeah, if you like the non-traditional family thing, you’ll love this one.

  11. SOOOO super excited for this one! Like really, really REALLY excited. Glad that you enjoyed it so much. I have a major soft spot for Entangled’s books; every one that I’ve read has been fantastic!

  12. I really hadn’t paid this book any attention until everyone started raving about it. Now I must read it ASAP! 🙂

  13. I absolutely LOVED this book. Like loved loved loved and this review articulates all of that and more. Reece Malcolm needs to me my best friend. Not only are we closer in age than I am with Devan, but my go to outfit is jeans and converse with an old tee. I LOVE BOURBON AND COFFEE TOO. also, I kind of want to be in a position where I can be fed by Brad.

    • For sure, I am also closer in age to Reece. While my outfits are a little more complex I appreciate people who rock jeans and tees. OH MY GOD how awesome would it be to have a dude that loves cooking and doesn’t complain about it.

  14. You made it sound like my kind of book!! So it just moved from the wishlist to the shopping list!
    Sounds like I’m going to love it too! 😀

  15. This sounds absolutely awesome! I love that it’s funny, and realistic. I definitely want to check this one out and meet Devan and Reece for myself!


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