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You probably should NOT read beyond the first paragraph if you don’t want to be spoiled for Bloodlines or The Golden Lily, just an FYI.

I am one of those people who is compulsive about the form I encounter a book or series in. For example, I’ve been reading Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series strictly in print and had no plans to change that. HOWEVER, when I was offered an advance audiobook copy of The Indigo Spell I was on the fence. Do I change up my routine and try to encounter Sydney and Adrian in different form — or do I wait for an agonizing amount of time for the print version? You guys, it’s a lot to consider — you know a poorly done audio can ruin the experience of a much anticipated book. I ended up quite lucky though — the audiobook of The Indigo Spell is very, very good.

The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead | Good Books And Good Wine

Remember how at the end of The Golden Lily, Adrian kisses Sydney and it’s all FADE TO BLACK THE END THE END. Okay, so The Indigo Spell picks up right as The Golden Lily ends. Like, Sydney as all what do I do now? And she’s conflicted because vampires are supposed to be disgusting and as an Alchemist she should not be attracted to one, but she clearly cannot help it. So, that’s how we open. Unfortunately, a kiss is the least of Sydney’s problems. There’s a witch named Veronica, Ms. Terwilliger’s sister, who is going around sucking the life magic out of young, untrained witches to maintain her beauty — sort of like this:

Hocus Pocus Life Magic GIF

It’s up to Sydney and Adrian to stop Veronica — and so they go undercover to this. To make matters worse, this guy, Marcus Finch (LOLOLOL) enters Sydney’s life and is all the alchemists are BAD NEWS BRO, let me show you the way. So Sydney has EVEN MORE DECISIONS. Also? Angeline is being a total pain in the ass at school – so Sydney has to deal with that as well. It’s legit A TON, but girl doesn’t crack.

As a few of you know, I was not entirely in love with Sydney Sage at first. Like, she’s kind of uptight and not really my sort of person at all. Yet, as the Bloodlines series goes on and on, I become more attached and interested in Sydney. I end up liking her more and more. You guys, she gets totally bad ass and awesome in The Indigo Spell, and legit, I can’t wait to see how much more awesome she’ll be in book four. She is one rad girl — and well, I found her indecision between loyalty to the alchemists and kissing Adrian to be SUPER compelling.

While Adrian isn’t Dmitri by a long shot, I like that this vampire playboy is finally getting his spotlight. He’s grown on me. Like, I am down for how snarky he is. And while he can be a smidge annoying — I think he’s a great fit for Sydney. PLUS omg their scenes together are full of ADORBS. And you know, I am a big fan of kissing and you guys The Indigo Spell is totally a kissing book. Also — it’s fun to watch Adrian grow and show feelings for Sydney and show us his vulnerable side which I think feels more genuine than his snarky side.

As much as I like snarking — I totally cannot snark all over the witches subplot in The Indigo Spell. IT IS SO BOSS. First off, Sydney finally stops being scared of her powers but actually uses them to kick ass and take names. She learns defensive spells and offensive spells. She scrys. PLUS! COVENS! COVENS! I know, only I would get excited about that. And like, the whole Veronica sucking the youth out of young college girls is scary. Like, I would get nervous that she was about to go steal Sydney’s magic and life. So, this was a very well done and compelling subplot that I think awesomely illustrated how Sydney is changing as a character — like she’s actually cool with doing magic to save other people.

I truly believe that Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series just gets better and better with each new book. I really liked The Golden Lily and the arm flails and OMGswoons, but you guys The Indigo Spell just takes it up a notch. There is more action. The subplots are interesting. We learn more about the alchemists. ALL OF THE ADRIAN. Heck, even Angeline adds something to the storyline.

I mentioned above that I was nervous about continuing the Bloodlines series via audiobook. You guys, I am an idiot. And a weirdo. Seriously, The Indigo Spell was a great listen — the sort where my living quarters were SUPER clean during my time listening. Emily Shaffer narrates The Indigo Spell. Her voice is very clear and does not have an annoying pitch to it. When she voices Sydney she makes great use of aural diction and actually enunciates all her words – sounding exactly how I imagine Sydney. For Adrian, she uses a strange accent that I can’t quite place, but it works for him. I loved her voicing of Angeline in particular – she used a Southern accent and it’s kind of hilarious every time she pops up. The 11 hours and 53 minute length of this audiobook really felt like no time at all — I found myself earnestly listening (other times I kind of zone, not for this one). Produced by Penguin Audio, I highly recommend checking The Indigo Spell out in audio form, it’s an entertaining listen.

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.
About April (Books&Wine)

April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. Okay, so I didn’t read you review because I haven’t read this series yet. But I just have to say that I love the Hocus Pocus gif! Hocus Pocus is such a fun movie! And I totally had a crush on Binks 🙂

  2. You and I are so in line in our feelings on this series and these characters. Sydney and Adrian have gradually grown on me too (it’s been tough because, hey, they are SO not Rose and Dimitri.) And I totally agree with how exciting it is to see Syd as a kick ass heroine in the making:)

    And love that you included a Hocus Pocus clip in your review (witches and covens ARE cool!) I included a clip from The Lost Boys:)

    Glad to hear the audio does the book justice!

    • I’m glad I am not alone in not immediately loving Sydney and Adrian — like you said they aren’t Rose and Dmitri, so it took me awhile to warm up to them.

      Right? Witches are AWESOME.

      Yes, the audio version is great. I would have been devastated if it wasn’t.

  3. I was going to lead off with “I am totally with you, the books get better as you read on,” but that would be so jerk-y since you linked to us with a similar quote, hah.

    I’m glad you enjoyed this! Sydney’s definitely more interesting now, and this trajectory is a good sign for the series. Funnily enough, I’d forgotten how Bloodlines ended with all the kissy face (and LOVE declarations) so I was thrown at first. But she convinced me that these two have chemistry. Finally.

    I’ve heard good things about the audio from other friends, too.

    • Hahahaha that totally would not be jerky, but funny.

      Yes! Sydney is awesome and I like that she just grows and gets better. Like you I wasn’t totally into them at first, but seeing them at that party and on the hunt for Veronica has convinced me.

      The audios are awesome, thank goodness.

  4. Excellent use of a Hocus Pocus gif. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed this and that Adrian is growing on you. And ohmygod I LOVED the witches subplot. Very boss indeed. So glad to hear the audio version does the book justice. I was thinking of re-reading some of my fave books on audio while I work out, and this is the perfect choice!

    • Why thank you very much!
      Yah, I was not at all into Adrian at first, but he’s worn me down.
      Witches are ALWAYS boss, I think.
      YES YES, re-read this series via audio — the narrator is FANTASTIC.