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The stakes are high in Partials by Dan Wells. The year is 2076, 99% of humanity has died. The humans left have gathered on Long Island. A baby is born every day, but none live longer than a day or two thanks to the RM virus. Kira Walker, main character, is a determined young medic who will go to any length to find a cure for RM.

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Partials by Dan Wells is an intense and thrilling read. It is understandably fast passed – as Kira’s goal to find a cure becomes a race against time. There is SO much action – from the scavenging missions to potential revolution. I rarely found myself bored while reading Partials. As a reader, one can’t help but root for Kira and the remaining humans – as they try to survive against horrible odds.

Dan Wells is a skilled world builder. Partials features a nuanced society where most of the people are not explicitly good or bad, but shades of grey. Partials shows a post-apocalytpic world and how civilization might look when only 1% of the human population is left. There’s a rebel group – The Voice, and then the leaders of society -the Senate- and outside of Long Island – the Partials, genetically engineered people. As readers we are privy to the struggle for power and Wells explores where ruling power is truly derived from. It’s fascinating to see how these factions intersect and play off each other.

In the middle of these power struggles is Kira Walker. She’s a well developed character with much to admire. Her traits are among my favorites and what I seek out when I read. Kira is self-sacrificing, sarcastic, intelligent, and brace. Yet she is not without vulnerability. Kira is not a fighting machine. She is very much a three dimensional character. Plus the cast of characters surrounding Kira is wonderful – from her love interest Marcus who actually does not treat her like a possession, to her scavenging crew to the mysterious Senate leaders who seem stuck in the past. I loved that the cast of characters were well-rounded and had clearly defined personalities. None of the characters seemed to blend with each other. There is zero blandness in Partials.

If you like films and books with viral outbreaks, enjoy science fiction and the current post-apocalyptic fare – Partials by Dan Wells might be just the ticket for you.

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  1. I keep getting this book confused with Pure. Adding it to my to-read list!

    • Ha ha, Partials and Pure are two totally different books — I mean both are post apocalyptic but there’s a huge difference with storytelling styles.

      • OK – I loved “The Passage”, liked “The Stand”, but didn’t like “the Road” or “Pure” (I REALLY wanted to like Pure but never got into it). Should I give this one a shot? Is it closer to “The Passage” or “Pure”?

  2. So many shades of gray in this world–that’s what made it come alive for me. And I liked that Kira wasn’t proficient in everything (ie, self-defense) and needed help in her endeavors. Such a great story!

  3. I’ve been pretty curious about this book, but now I definitely have to read it. It sounds like something I will love.

  4. Sounds great, but I do have a soft spot for dystopia! Will have to check this one out!

  5. You always manage to write reviews that convince me I NEED to read a book. I’m definitely checking this out 🙂

  6. I’m really interested in this book, it sounds awesome! Great review, can’t wait to check this book out!

  7. so stinking excited about this.. especially the medical stuff. And yay for her boyfriend not treating her like a possession.. I’m getting really tired of that in books. I would slap my husband silly if he ever treated me like that. I adore a good character.. I’m so looking forward to reading about Kira now, I seek that kind of character out as well.

    I’m still in such cover love for this one.. I love the dark desolate feel. But most of all, I am super jealous of her hair. You saw mine in its big fluffy glory Saturday. I dont think there is a product out there that could make it look that glamorous. All the women in my family have wavy hair like mine.. My aunt was so dumb, she tried a relaxer on it once. It melted her hair together.. totally reminded me of the time I put my barbies hair in my electric crimper. (yes, i had a crimper back in day.. I rocked that shit!) So, yeah, my aunt had short hair that year.. lol. Lesson learned though.. 🙂

    • You have pretty hair!

      That said, I think that Kira’s hair IS gorgeous. I want to grow my hair long so it looks like that.

      And lololol about the relaxer story that is funny as hell.

      Girl, you aren’t the only one to rock a crimp 😉

  8. I totally agree about the shades of grey! This book dealt with some potential social bombs, like The Hope Act. I appreciated that while I had my personal strong views on such a law, the book explored both sides of reasoning. Even Kira at times found her defending the position she didn’t necessarily agree with because she could understand it. This made the hard choices such a society had to make REAL rather than contrived and preachy.

    • Oh man, the Hope Act was insane. And yeah, I had my strong views too — basically that the law was stupid, but I liked how you said Partials explores both aspects of the law.

      AND YES TO NON-CONTRIVEMENT. That’s not even a word, but I love love love how Partials did not have these fake hard situations, but the situations were legitimately risky business.

  9. I’m reading this one right now! I like it so far! Hooray for viruses and genetically engineered killing machines!!

  10. Ooh, this sort of sounds like Blood Red Road with all the action and kickass female protagonist. Count me in!
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