Rules For 50/50 Chances by Kate McGovern | Book Review

You guys – as I am wont to do, I read Rules For 50/50 Chances by Kate McGovern sooner rather than later due to another blogger, specifically,Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide, tweeting about it. I do not think I am the only person who does this. She just made McGovern’s debut sound so good […]

Calvin by Martine Leavitt | Book Review

I feel like Martine Leavitt is an underrated children’s and young adult literature gem. My first encounter with Leavitt’s books was with My Book Of Life By Angel, a book that really made me think and depressed me and ugh, all the things. Calvin is my second experience reading one of Leavitt’s books, but one that has […]

The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski | Book Review

Some of you might be asking, why read a book like The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski so early, even though it does not release for five more months (from my date of reading) and I would answer that sometimes in life you go through a severe rough patch and certain books are like balm to your soul. This book is a balm to my soul. Even though it was an emotionally draining, heartbreaking read, ultimately I am so glad that I read it. I am glad I was able to take time and read a book that I have been anticipating more than anything. I am so pleased with this dark edition to the Winner’s Trilogy. Rutkoski works her magic again with this painful sequel, but know that it’s so worth your time and emotions.

Evidence Of Things Not Seen by Lindsey Lane | Book Review

However, after closing Evidence Of Things Not Seen by Lindsey Lane, I immediately said out loud “what a weird fucking book.” I mean, I liked it and thought it was unique. However, it’s also weird.