Five Questions With Kids Comics Authors | Faith Erin Hicks

Hey everyone! I feel so #blessed to be hosting Faith Erin Hicks today as part of the First Second Kids Comics Q&A Blog Tour! QUESTION: You’ve created work where you’ve done the writing and the art, like “Friends with Boys” and you’ve done books with a collaborator like “Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong” or “Brain […]

Sam Maggs | How Fangirling & Feminism Go Hand-in-Hand | Guest Post

Ahh! I am so excited to have author Sam Maggs here at Good Books and Good Wine today to discuss her thoughts on How Feminism and Fangirling Go Hand-in-Hand. Her new book, The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy, is so awesome. Seriously. You all need to go check it out and be proud to embrace […]

Guest Post From Susan Juby Author of THE TRUTH COMMISSION

I am SO PUMPED to have Susan Juby, author of THE TRUTH COMMISSION here on Good Books & Good Wine today. If you haven’t read my review of THE TRUTH COMMISSION yet, please check it out and you can see why I am so excited to be hosting Susan Juby today. Her guest post is […]

Music and Inked: The Soundtrack to a Young Adult Novel (and Giveaway)

Hi everyone! I’m super thrilled to have Eric Smith, author and publishing extraordinaire from Quirk Books, here at Good Books and Good Wine to celebrate his debut YA fantasy Inked! As you all know, I love music so I’m very excited that Eric is going to talk to us about what kind of music inspired […]

Melanie Crowder on AUDACITY and Clara Lemlich

YOU GUYS! I just read the most awesome, powerful book –Audacityby Melanie Crowder. It’s one of those books that I want to hand out to people during Women’s History Month and pretty much throughout the year. I got lucky enough to be able to ask Melanie to write a guest post exclusively for Good Books […]

6 Questions With Romina Russell, Author Of ZODIAC + #Giveaway

Hey all! We are beyond thrilled to welcome Romina Russell, debut author ofZodiac here to Good Books & Good Wine today to answer a few questions. Stay tuned for a giveaway below. 1. As Zodiac is about a universe inspired by the astrological signs, what is your sign? Im a Virgo, and were supposedly practical, […]