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Why’d I Read This Book:

Y’all probably already know this but when it comes to historical romance, I consider Sarah MacLean’s books to be the holy grail. Her heroines are all strong and fierce and ladies that I would totally smoke a cheroot with and sneak into gambling clubs. And her heroes, oooo girl get me a nice cold shower after reading. No rapey dudes here. I read the first book in the series and spent my whole time emoting and unable to set it down. SO, when I saw that One Good Earl Deserves A Lover was on sale, I immediately plunked down some money and told my review pile to fuck off and started reading it. GOOD LIFE CHOICE SELF, GOOD LIFE CHOICE.

One Good Earl Deserves A Lover by Sarah MacLean | Good Books And Good Wine

What’s The Story Here:

Pippa is a bluestocking and she is about to get married to a complete idiot. She’s cool with it though because he will leave her alone to manage the household and continue her scholarship. Being a totally methodical person, Pippa is concerned with the mechanics of sex and so, decides to do some research. LOL. So, she asks Cross, one of the owners of the Fallen Angel – a gambling den – to educate her in the ways of sexytimes. He refuses, but Pippa does not give up. Of course, sparks fly like crazy between the two. There’s also a subplot with Cross’s sister having the worst life and luck ever.

Was I Rooting For Pippa And Cross, As People:

Hell yes, I was rooting for Pippa and Cross to both be happy. I wasn’t all like, oh fuck these characters they are THE WORST. Instead I was all, Pippa you go on with your intelligent self.  Then I was like UGH I HOPE PIPPA DOES NOT MARRY THAT DOLT, because she deserves someone on her intellectual level, and if not on her intellectual level than someone who is empty headed but sexy, which her fiance was not. Then, Cross. SIGH. He is so tortured and sad and has a past and omg I love him and want to pet him and fix him, because I am a fucking weirdo. OH OH OH and I forgot to mention, I liked Pippa because she could be utterly clueless, but she also lacked pretension. LOL, there is one part where she decides if Cross won’t tell her how sex works, she will ask a prostitute for advice, thus cementing her into my heart forever and ever amen.

What About As Lovers:

Pippa and Cross = OTP. Seriously, I love it when nerd girls get together with outlaws. Not that Cross is an outlaw or anything, but he walks a fine line and he’s totally a scoundrel in the best possible way. Yo, they are hitting on the sixes. Which I guess means that they totally click and as a couple I am like come on you two stop fighting it you obviously want each other bad. I also think together, they enhance each other. PLUS they are equals and that’s what matters to me in a romance – equality and being a strong match.

Who Should Check This Book Out:

I would recommend One Good Earl Deserves A Lover to romance readers who are all about smart leading ladies. If you are totally prude about sex scenes, then take a pass on this. However, if you are like yes, give me all the gambling and all the prostitutes and all the scams, then you need to read Sarah MacLean’s book. I also think that if you are new to historical romance and have no clue where to start, Sarah MacLean is your ticket, she is right up there with Tessa Dare for me.

Sum It Up With A GIF:

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Disclosure: Purchased copy for my Kindle.

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  1. Oh, you made me want to pick up this book.
    I’ve never really clicked with McLean though, I read one of her love by numbers books way back when and I wasn’t wowed by it, but this one sounds great, so maybe I’ll pick it up and give her a second chance.

    Thanks for the awesome review, it was really sweet.

  2. I ADORE these kinds of stories! Plus, Sarah is a fantastic historical romance author & I always enjoy her novels. But I haven’t read this one yet! *rushes out to buy it*

  3. “If you are like yes, give me all the gambling and all the prostitutes and all the scams, then you need to read Sarah MacLean’s book.”

    Ha! I love you, April. And I loved this book.

  4. Soooo, I used to read historical romances all the time while I was in college, and a little afterwards. But I sort of drifted away from them, and usually only read Julia Quinn (sidenote: if you haven’t read JQ you really should!!! She’s got an amazing way with dialogue.) now.

    I love historical romances, but I am kind of picky about them. I tend to get really POed at the hero if he sleeps with the heroine, with no intentions of marrying her. Not because I think premarital sex is bad, because, duh, I totally don’t. But I get annoyed when the hero doesn’t care at all about what her reputation will be afterward. It just ticks me off, and I get nervous about reading historicals now. Which is silly, because I do love them, and obviously, since they are romances, there will be an HEA, but I still get all stressed.

    Sooo, that whole story was to explain why I haven’t read any Sarah MacLean or Tessa Dare even though everyone raves about their books. I should just bite the bullet and not be so judgemental.

  5. I’ve read a few historical romances and I’ve liked them, but they’re not like a thing that I read. But you have totally sold me on this one and I just took it out of the library.

  6. YES! SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS BOOK! And Sarah MacLean’s books in general 🙂
    I adored Pippa, especially in the moment you mentioned when she decides to consult a prostitute about the mechanisms of sex and seduction 😀
    I wanted to fix Cross as well, because he’s just swoonworthy and a good man. Thank you for linking me!

  7. Your review makes me so giddy! It also makes me want to shove my TBR pile away and just read this book. FOR REAL. I can’t wait to dive into it!

  8. Hi, Carole’s Chatter is collecting posts about Favourite Romance Novels. This looks like a good one. It would be super if you linked it in. This is the link – Your Favourite Romances I hope to see you soon. Cheers


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