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Hello fellow Bloggiesta-lovers! I hope you are as pumped up about improving your blogs and scheduling some posts in advance as I am. So, I randomly tweeted Bloggiesta yesterday because while driving in my car I was thinking about this weekend and oh man, it would be so cool to do a mini challenge on Stumble Upon but it’s WAYYY too late for that. THEN! They tweeted me back and were all, hey if you can get it up on Thursday – go for it. So, y’all with margarita in hand I shall bravely give you a mini challenge about an ignored potential goldmine of page views.

Jump Start Your Traffic Using Stumble Upon | Good Books And Good Wine

So, what’s StumbleUpon?

Basically, it’s a content discovery website that helps waste time. Really, that’s what it is. Users can submit different webpages to StumbleUpon and so when people log into stumble upon and stumble through the books niche, there’s the possibility that they will stumble across your review or your post on why you love classics.

I can attest to StumbleUpon working as far as bringing traffic in. There’s been days where I’ve submitted a review and then ended up with an additional 150 page views referred by StumbleUpon. In short, it is awesome. However, you can’t always expect immediate results.

So, today’s challenge will be just getting you started on StumbleUpon.

1. Sign up for Stumble Upon. You can make your own account or log into it using Facebook.

2. Select your interests — I have Books & Literature set for mine.

3. Make sure you have a social sharing button for stumble upon set up on your blog — if you don’t you can add one by using this link. Personally, I prefer to just use the button that comes with Jetpack sharing on WordPress.

4. You might also want to install the StumbleUpon tool bar, but you totally don’t have to.

5. Next, Stumble your BEST content. You can do this by either clicking the stumble upon button you added onto your post, clicking using the toolbar or by going here: https://www.stumbleupon.com/submit 

Now when you stumble your content, make sure it is in an appropriate category – so if you’re submitting something bookish, submit it to Books. Be sure to click yes for it being work safe — unless you have naked pictures, then don’t do that. As for tags, I typically put in things like: books, book reviews, fiction, etc.

6. But don’t be a leech. For real, don’t be that person. Be sure to also stumble interesting content created by other websites. I often stumble posts from my friends’ blogs, for example.

Note: You aren’t going to always get immediate page views off the bat. Sometimes it takes a little while. You just have to be diligent and take an extra two minutes each day to submit something. Don’t submit too much of your own stuff though because they’ll totes penalize you.

Legit, it’s not hard to use stumble upon, just include it with your other promotional efforts.

A few good resources for Stumble Upon Tips:

The Secret To Getting Highly Targeted Traffic From StumbleUpon

Getting Mass Traffic From StumbleUpon: The Definitive Guide.

So, I don’t really have a prize or anything. Just you know, the reward of learning something new for your blog!

So, yeah – let me know in the comments if you use Stumble Upon and if it works for you!


If you are on blogger, apparently it’s not as easy as checking a box on your Jetpack plug in. So, to add StumbleUpon buttons to your blog, I found two tutorials:

Dora The Techpolrer - this was written August 2012, so it’s less than a year old.


Misadaventures In Motherhood - this one is really comprehensive, but I have no idea when it was written.

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