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Oh hey for once I am reviewing a seasonably appropriate book on two fronts — Snowed Over by Angie Stanton has a blizzard AND it’s a romance, so it’s an awesome February read, especially in light of the latest snow storm. Also, this review is not going to be terribly long, because Snowed Over is a novella, it’s only 126 pages and straight up, I don’t want to spoil you with all of the details.

Snowed Over by Angie Stanton | Good Books And Good Wine

Katie is dreading going home because her parents just recently separated, so it really is like she ‘can never go home again’, like that saying.As she is carless at her university, she catches a ride home with Alex, a 20 year old upperclassman whom she finds to be pretty good looking. However, Katie doesn’t act on her attraction because he’s got a fiancé back home, Trina. Alex is dreading going home too. When a blizzard strikes and leaves the two snowed in, sparks fly between Katie and Alex and that chemistry kind of becomes undeniable.

So, Katie is kind of shy but she’s also laid back and fun. She’s the quintessential girl next door. Alex is a bit of a boy scout, but he’s overall a nice sort. I don’t exactly have a perfect handle on the characters because Snowed Over is so short, but they weren’t the type to totally irritate me.I thought Angie Stanton excelled in creating attraction between the two characters, and also tension. Like, obviously because Alex has a fiancé we all know they shouldn’t hook up. BUT AT THE SAME TIME, you totally want them to do so because they banter and have interesting conversations and everything we hear about the other girl is bad.

I guess my criticism would be that I thought the fiancé seemed to be all terrible and not at all complex. She seemed very flat and sort of one of those contrived characters, introduced to create tension between the two leads, because obviously there needs to be an obstacle between them hooking up. All things considered though, that’s a small complaint, and I actually did enjoy my time reading Snowed Over, brief as it was. It’s a super cute novella perfect for a winter’s evening.

Disclosure: Purchased copy

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  1. This sounds pretty fun. I love reading little books like this. Thanks for the heads-up April! I just added it to my wishlist.

  2. Agree with your entire review. And I didn’t swoon for Alex once. He left me kind of meh.

  3. I love fun, quick reads!!! Definitely going to bookmark this book for when I need just that. 🙂 Thanks, April!

  4. This sounds like a pretty cute novella indeed! I’m curious to read the banter that you refer to, as I’ve always enjoyed that sort of thing. Plus (random thought), I love the cover because it’s so cute!


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