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Avert your eyes, spoilers, YO!

So, Vesper by Jeff Sampson ends on an insane note – and Havoc, the sequel, pretty much picks up where Vesper leaves off. By day, Emily Webb is a normal glasses and pony tail girl. By night, however, her ‘deviant’ side comes out and she has super powers and can also turn into a wolf. One question keeps pricking at Em and her pack — why are they the way they are? This central question drives the plot of Havoc.

Havoc Jeff Sampson Book Cover


Sampson continues to write Emily in a snarky, bad ass style. Night Emily is blunt and awesome. His teens actually sound like real teens and not like the olds trying to be hip. Nope, no squares at all in Havoc. I will say the writing style is fresh, pop culture laden and something I really enjoy reading.

However, Havoc by Jeff Sampson very much feels like a middle of the series book. It is fast-paced, but honestly, it seems like the story of the Deviants barely advanced. I mean, at this point in the series, I STILL don’t know the purpose behind the Vespers and Deviants.

Also, this is a bit shallow, but I wish there was a bit more romance. There’s definitely set up between Spencer, another of the Deviants and a member of Emily’s pack, and Emily. And yes, PLENTY of sexual tension, but not much time is spent acting on it. Which, okay, I am sure some people are down for that, but personally, I like a bit more kissing and swooning.

In all, I’m indifferent to Havoc – it’s not great, nor is it terrible — it is merely an ordinary read. I’ll admit, I still want to check out the third in the series, but I am not on tenterhooks for it or anything.

Disclosure: Received for review.

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  1. I think we need to discuss, what, actually, that cover is about and what did my eyes ever do to deserve this eye rape?

  2. It’s too bad this book had the middle book syndrome. I still have to read Vesper. It’s always disappointing when you want to really enjoy a book, but don’t really know what to think about it when you’re done. Great review!
    Amy @ Book Loving Mom recently posted..Cover Reveal: Luminosity by Stephanie ThomasMy Profile

  3. I’ve had Vesper kind of in my radar… it looks interesting but not quite interesting enough for me to grab it.
    Candice recently posted..Hello Lady!My Profile

  4. I’m glad to see a review for Havoc. I liked Vesper, so I want to continue the story. If it’s kind of “meh” then I’ll probably wait to read this one during the summer when I have a little more free time. Nice review 🙂
    Sarah @ Y.A. Love recently posted..Plate = FullMy Profile

  5. Oh, April, you’re not the only one who wishes for more romance. I go a little stir-crazy without any in my books. I mean, shallow or not, that’s one of the most important aspects for me besides characterization. I haven’t pulled by the idea of reading this one, so I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to this series. However, the covers do intrigue me! That’s something, lol.

    A. Knight recently posted..Review: Hunting LilaMy Profile


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