A True Princess by Diane Zahler Book Review

The more I look at the cover of A True Princess by Diane Zahler, the more I think this cover is really pretty. Friends, I’m really just attracted to bright colors, magpie syndrome and all. I guess I’m also really attracted to fairy tale retellings, especially when it’s an under the radar fairy tale. Zahler takes on The Princess And The Pea in A True Princess.

A True Princess, Diane Zahler, Book Cover

A True Princess

Lilia is a servant, but totally sucks at. So much so that she will be sold to the miller and his family. Lilia is all F-this (not quite that language) and decides to run away. Luckily she is not alone, as her best friend Kai and his sister Karina join the party. Of course, it’s no party as the gang comes across evil elves, brigands, and a mysterious princess test. OH and there’s some very chaste romance in A True Princess, this being middle grade and all.

Sure, Lilia might be a little stock, what with her poverty, kindness, and purple eyes, but I am a reader who enjoys a bit of familiarity in the fairy tales that I read. Lilia felt like someone I know. As an adult, I could predict what would happen in A True Princess, which is not a terrible thing. I mean, come on the title, and the princess test, use your brain and tell me what you think will happen. Besides, it’s all about the journey. And I think your average 10-12 year old book worm girl would love Diane Zahler’s A True Princess and it’s story book feel.

Sidebar: I never figured elves for bad guys. I mean, they make cookies or shoes or toys for Santa Claus or hate dwarves and have long flowing blonde hair, not steal children. Fairies, yes, but elves?

If you love fairy tale retellings and want very light fantasy with just a touch of romance AND a dog, then totally hop on the train for A True Princess. It’s totes worth it.

Disclosure: I borrowed this book from my local library.

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  1. I’ll probably have nightmares about being kidnapped by the Keebler elves now.

  2. I thought this one was cute as well. A good read for young girls into princesses for sure!

  3. Scrolling back through my emails…. I wanted to comment on this review when you posted.. but my daughter was sick.. real sick.. hospital sick.. better now though. Life is back to normal 🙂

    She loves princesses.. they are her new fav thing.. and they are finally princess’s. For the longest time they were princebells.. because she couldn’t decipher the difference between princesses and tinkerbell. lol.

    I buy a lot of books.. my daughter is only 3 1/2, but if she starts reading as early as I did.. ” I hope so ” , then its never to early to build up this collection. This book look so cute.. I’ll be adding this one to my shelves for sure. I don’t want my little girl to ever grow up, :o( but she will. ..at least when she does, she will have tons of books at her disposal. At least that’s my excuse to the husband every time I come home from the post office with a new amazon box.

  4. I read this one (and Zahler’s debut) and agree that although they are quite predictable, they are also a lot of fun & perfect for that younger set 🙂

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