The Royal Treatment by Lindsey Leavitt Book Review

The Royal Treatment by Lindsey Levitt is the second book in the Princess For Hire series. Desi Bascomb has been promoted to level 2 at Facade, the princess substitute agency. When she puts on the royal rouge via a magical compact, Desi is transformed into the girl she’s subbing for due to her MP aka magic potential. However, Desi’s side job is a big secret. Her family and friends don’t know and Desi wants to keep it that way.

The Royal Treatment, Lindsey Leavitt, Book Cover

The Royal Treatment

Oh, and Desi is balancing a lead role in her school play. She’s one of the only middle schoolers to get a role, considering the play is also with high school students. OH and did I mention that she’s busy trying to get her best friend Kylee some one on one time with Reed the hot new boy from New Zealand.

You guys, I would never have picked up The Royal Treatment on my own, but I wound up really enjoying this book. It’s the second in a series, as I mentioned above. However, I have not read the first and feel that I was just fine in following what was going on. The text provided sufficient background as to the first book and it was never confusing or overwhelming. My only complaint is that the ending is a wee bit of cliffhanger.

Desi is likable as a main character. She’s a nice girl who has normal parents. She doesn’t have any deep dark problems. Plus she gets along with her parents. I liked that she had interests outside of boys. That she realizes some things are a little more important than macking. It’s cool to me that she really does care about her friends. Desi is a good character and role model for pre-teens.

The Royal Treatment is recommended for the girly pre-teen, especially if they enjoy Hannah Montana. Or if you are in the market for a light feel good book.

Disclosure: Obtained from my local library HOLLA!!!

This book is a CYBILS nominee.

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  1. oh yay. i’m glad you liked it. i really have enjoyed this series. the cover looks fluffy but then inside there’s more to it. totally wish i had those powers.

  2. Glad you liked it! I’m such a girly girl and love these novels… I think the MG me would have snobbishly refused to read them because of the covers and my boyfriend made fun of me a bit when I bought the first one… Still: TOTALLY WORTH IT! I love Desi, she’s cool. You’re right, she’s a great role-model. And Reed, isn’t he awesome?

  3. This sounds like such a fun read! The idea of a magical compact and magical make up:) What a super fun idea! I think I’ll put this on my list for when I want something fun and fluffy.

  4. I love this series SO much; can’t wait for the third book! I especially love how Desi wants to help people and tries to be a good person instead of lying and being selfish like a lot of YA MCs.

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