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Were you on tenterhooks at the end of Firelight by Sophie Jordan? With that cliffhanger ending I was DYING to see what would happen. Whereas Firelight laid out the foundation for the world of the draki, humans who shapeshift into dragons, Vanish spends little time on exposition, instead diving right into explosive action from the start including a HUGE reveal at the beginning. Which basically had me saying to myself, well played Sophie Jordan.

 Cover of Vanish by Sophie Jordan


So remember how I was totally delighted over the sexytimes in Firelight? Y’all Vanish has sexytimes too! Sophie Jordan heats up the pages with sparks between main character Jacinda AND Cassian who actually becomes a viable option, and I personally became Team Cassian, oh but there’s also sexytimes with Will too and I couldn’t help but think that Jacinda is a minx! And okay, while I am weary of love triangles, I don’t mind them a whole heck of a lot when there is legit chemistry between both sides of the triangle and the hypotenuse character. At the end of Vanish, I still don’t have an inkling of who she will end up with.

Fair warning though, Jacinda is very much a teenager. I mean she EMOTES a lot. There are plenty of pages where she’s moping around and all WOE is me and I deserve punishments, and am full of the SADS. Which, okay, I suppose I understand BUT enough is enough. However, she doesn’t spend the entire book being full of inertia and depression. Instead, she takes on the challenges facing her admirably, and puts on her brave face. Basically, Jacinda is still kickass. No worries on that front!

Further, no worries about Vanish falling into the sophomore slump as far as middle books in trilogies go. Jordan’s writing remains exciting. The pages of this book pretty much flip of their own accord, and as the chapters are so short, you can’t help but think one more I JUST HAVE TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS, until you end up finishing Vanish all in one go.

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Series order:

Firelight (Book One)

Vanish (Book Two)

Hidden (Book Three)


And the cover of Hidden, BOOK Three in the Firelight series by Sophie Jordan has been revealed:

Book Cover of HIdden by Sophie Jordan Book Three in Firelight


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  1. Great review! I really enjoyed Firelight and am so excited to read this one 🙂

  2. I finished reading Firelight and I immediately picked up Vanish which I am now reading. I also like it a lot so far(I’m 75% in).I like the fact that it has a lot more Cassian in it, because regardless of whether I like him as a character or not, he was always very interesting and someone you wanted to find out more about, in Firelight as well.

  3. Love the sexytimes enthusiam & kickassness, I can’t wait to read Vanish even more now!

  4. LOL–total teen mopey-times and SADS! Always good when teen characters actually act like, well, teens. And teens do tend to emote. A lot. That, along with the kickassedness, I’m all in. Loved FIRELIGHT, looking forward to VANISH!
    Thanks for the review,
    Mary @ Book Swarm

  5. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one! I’m SO looking forward to reading it! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Firelight and so glad to hear this one is just as fun! 🙂

  6. I read the advanced copy, and loved it.. but what time does the book come out, you think? Iv’e been all over town to get it.. xD


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