Do You Like Your Thrills Served With A Side Of Romance?

Cass Dollar, main character of Aftertime by Sophie Littlefield has been through a horrific ordeal. Kidnapped by Beaters (zombies), she is separated from her daughter Ruthie. Neither figurative hell nor high water will keep Cass from finding Ruthie again. Aftertime is a journey of relatively few miles, yet fraught with dangers not only from the cannibalistic beaters, but also extremists known as rebuilders who want control as well as zealots from the Order.

Aftertime by Sophie Littlefield Book Cover


Aftertime is action packed and steamy. You see, Cass has this escort since it’s not exactly safe to make the journey to Ruthie alone in this post-apocalyptic society. Sophie Littlefield’s zombie novel takes a turn for the steamy as Cass begins to fall for mystery man known as Smoke who knows his way around a motorcycle AND a woman’s body. While the sex scenes ran on for quite a few pages, I felt they were realistically done. The chemistry between Cass and Smoke is undeniable and magnetic as it unfolds throughout the pages.

What I liked in particular about this zombie novel was the origin of the zombies themselves. Most of the time it’s usually a disease. In Aftertime, there is a massive outbreak of war, and America is placed under a Siege. Bioterrorism occurs and plenty of food sources are destroyed. Rather than let the people starve, the government creates this plant called K7 which provides essential nutrients. Along with K7 is a plant called Blue Leaf which gives you a high at first but then turns you into a zombie. K7 is dropped from planes over the US, however, so is Blue Leaf. And so, the ‘Beaters’ are born. This is only one intriguing element.

You see, there are plenty of parts which make Aftertime fascinating, from Cass’s troubled past to her powerful love for her daughter to Cass learning to trust Smoke. All parts come together in an explosive package. Sophie Littlefield’s book is an excellent read for those who like their thrills served with a side of romance.

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  1. Interesting book. So where did the Blue leaf come from, and how did it get mixed in with K7? Is there a rational explanation or is it just looked over? Great review, it got me intrigued.

  2. I have never heard of this one, but it sounds really interesting! I like the fact that they used a new way to “make” zombies” as well. You review definitely makes me want to check this one out!

  3. I saw this book a few months ago in RT Book Reviews Magazine & it caught my eye. Glad you enjoyed it, I added it to my wish list!

  4. Zombies have been hard for me to get into, but I have to say I do like the premise of this book. I love to have a little romance with my action and I love a book to be action packed. Thank you for sharing today. I will have to check this one out.

  5. Ooooh, this sounds exactly like something I would push aside other books to read…never heard of it though. So I’m glad I’m stalking through your blog today looking at stuff. I just threw it up on my TBR. Thanks gal.

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