Review of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

Review of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff KinneyDiary Of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
Series: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid #1
Published by Amulet on January 1, 2004
Genres: Fiction, Graphic Novel, Middle Grade
Pages: 217
Format: Hardcover
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Boys don’t keep diaries—or do they?

The launch of an exciting and innovatively illustrated new series narrated by an unforgettable kid every family can relate to

It’s a new school year, and Greg Heffley finds himself thrust into middle school, where undersized weaklings share the hallways with kids who are taller, meaner, and already shaving. The hazards of growing up before you’re ready are uniquely revealed through words and drawings as Greg records them in his diary.

In book one of this debut series, Greg is happy to have Rowley, his sidekick, along for the ride. But when Rowley’s star starts to rise, Greg tries to use his best friend’s newfound popularity to his own advantage, kicking off a chain of events that will test their friendship in hilarious fashion.

Author/illustrator Jeff Kinney recalls the growing pains of school life and introduces a new kind of hero who epitomizes the challenges of being a kid. As Greg says in his diary, “Just don’t expect me to be all ‘Dear Diary’ this and ‘Dear Diary’ that.” Luckily for us, what Greg Heffley says he won’t do and what he actually does are two very different things.

OMG, if you have not read Diary of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney, and have an hour to spare, I suggest you pick up this book. The main character is Greg, he’s the middle child with two brothers, and one best friend whom he doesn’t seem to like all that much. He’s funny, he likes the ladies, he wants to be popular. Sound like your typical middle schooler!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid contains simple drawings, the art is not perfect. However, it is a fast read and a silly romp recommended for a stressful day. It is not the book for someone who wants a deep meaningful read. I guess some people may dislike this book because Greg isn’t a role model. In fact, he’s self-serving, lazy, and kind of a jerk. Personally, I think he is the typical middle schooler. Aside from all of those terrible qualities, he’s actually quite funny.

My favorite part of the book was the cheese touch, where this one kid touches a piece of months old moldy cheese, and then has the cheese touch so people try to avoid him so they don’t get cheese touch either.

While reading this book, I recommend you drink some apple juice, as I think it will be gentle on your nose when you snort it out.

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  1. Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) says

    I like these books. Not every middle schooler is a role model…hell, I wasn;t. 🙂

  2. I should totally read this. Both of my boys died laughing reading these and the younger one will be thrilled that #3 is going in his tocking for Christmas. I just figured they were total boy humor and wouldn't appeal but I think I'll take your advice and try them.

  3. It's true — about the snorting part. Unfortunately, I was drinking Diet Coke at the time. Very unfriendly.

    Love your review — keep reading the series. The third one is my favorite.

  4. I found this light and crisp white wine, from Portugal, and thought i’d pass it along to you. Its called JM Fonseca Twin Vines. They actually have a sweepstakes they’re doing for a free smartphone. The link for the wine and sweepstakes is below:

  5. The cheese touch was the ONLY part of this book that I liked. My sister liked it, my neighbor likes it (and currently has my copy), I couldn't stand it.


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