Audition by Stasia Ward Kehoe Book Review

Y’all Audition just feeds that addiction. Sara is a 16 year old ballerina from Vermont. She’s just won a scholarship to an elite dance school in New Jersey and is a bit naive because she’s from a small town and all. In addition, she begins to go to an academic prep school in New Jersey, after being in public school all her life and the scholastic competition is fierce, so Sara is totally out of her league on all fronts in New Jersey. She’s a fish out of water until Remington, a 22 year old dance instructor takes a romantic interest in her (OMG JUST LIKE IN CENTER STAGE!!!) — however is the interest part of Rem’s ambition or true feelings?

Review of Gateway by Sharon Shinn

Gateway by Sharon Shinn has a rather beautiful, colorful cover featuring two people hiding behind a red parasol. Frankly, that was the most striking thing about Gateway. It had all of the elements to be really awesome: parallel universes, cultural subversion, the fact that it’s YA, and a romantical element. (Romantical is a word frequently […]