The Sociopath Next Door Martha Stout Audiobook Review

I think I must be a bit of a weirdo in that I quite like learning about anomalies and different sorts of things. Obviously being a sociopath is not normal and it’s outside my realm of experience, thus I find it fascinating as a topic. After a pretty big tragedy struck (not me personally), I […]

Inside Scientology Janet Reitman Audiobook Review

Remember this summer when TomKat got divorced and it came out that some of it was over scientology? I lost DAYS of my life to this. It’s kind of pathetic but I went into an obsession spiral, reading anything and everything I could get my hands on about scientology. I cannot help it, cults fascinate […]

The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett Audiobook Review

I am one of those people who read a lot of books during childhood and saw a lot of movies but then don’t remember if a book was something I actually read or not. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett is one of those books and when I decided to add it to my […]